Dear readers,

Today I want to share a story that keeps shouting and haunting inside my head.The story that resembles millions of people.

Although a novice in this topic, it is A story of heart, a story by heart !

A little courage and you can live your dream


Live your dreams

It’s a story of a person, who is excellent at wearing her mask. A mask that hides her real self. She is neither a famous play back singer like Lata Mangeshkar nor a famous sports person like Saina Nehwal. She writes her stories with paints, decorates her canvas with different texture and with beautiful pigments. BUT what she is actually doing…?.No surprises here. Just a common mediocre 9 to 5 job.

Her dream is to work more with paints but all she is able to draw is some charts and tables. Working and chasing her dream has become a dream itself. She is learning to live independently to pay her own rents and bills. She looks fine, whenever appreciated even she smiles. In the daylight she is smart enough to smile on her face and to walk on the streets.

What bothers her most is her Self acceptance.

In the deep darkness of every night when she is all alone, she has to answer all the questions she has in her mind. Her tears betray her and keep complaining how coward she is, how she is lying to everyone about her happiness. This is her story, every night before going to bed she makes an excuse to keep going and to keep doing what she is doing. Worse moments still wrapped in the pillows, spots of smudged Kohl, dried out tears shouts a completely new story all about her.

Pillow story
Her pillows tell a story

She hails from a middle class family where she is expected to support her family financially. But not everyone is made for 9 to 5, office job. Some of us are more creative, some are more analytical and based on our intellect choose our career. Many of us choose a path where we can get more money, more fame but after a time things start falling apart. You hardly recognize that in long run you also have to work, grow and develop in the field you choose.

Work for your dream or others will make you work for their dream

Initially you may face challenges but it wouldn’t matter if you love your work. You have licence to work and take risk. They say “Love makes everything possible” then why are you afraid? And when you love any work you become unstoppable not just good at it. Filter out all your fear and nightmares just be what you are, what you always wanted to be.

Let the smile that comes to your face be real, and bring all the colors you want to dance with your dreams. The whole world will appreciate you, moreover, you will start loving yourself even more.

She can put words in drawings

Key here is, you have to take risk, and it’s worth taking. You have dared to dream different, and all you need is a little courage to go for it.

It is most important to understand that you would be able to draw more beautifully , more precisely if you are good at it, working hard can make you good with tables but you would never do better than a person who loved numbers. Instead you can excel with paints and pencils, you can draw a big broad smile with all your heart and what you gain by it?. I think there would be more Satisfaction, Peace and most important Respect for yourself. See how you start feeling worthy and important to this world.

I am writing this, not just to tell you her story, but to know the opinion of all my readers. How you guys feel about it? I want you to help your friends and family and encourage them to go for their dreams. There are many Lata’s out there who are trying hard in Badminton court. Tell them, they belong somewhere else.

Being a good friend, we have to take this responsibility. We have to teach them What is right for them. Their smiles are important right?

Friendship is all about caring and sharing hands to hands. Thanks for all your love and support. Keep reading.

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