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Love Your Life – Never Think Of Ending Life

” 10th exams failed, student commits suicide…”

My heart skipped a beat. I mean what values do we compromise on, for the sake of defeat?

Every time I hear a suicide news, my mind goes numb and my heart feels sad.

I always try to understand,

What does losing our life accomplish?

Does suicide help in solving problems we face?

Does suicide bring in happiness to the people who raised you like a king while themselves being a slave.

Suicide is nothing but a mere sign of cowardness. Are you so weak? Really.? Are your board exam results worth taking your life?

I know how it feels – Depressed , Restless , Helpless. But you know what, don’t give up. Some people are dreaming of living your life. And you just want to get done with it . Why?

The doors may be closed for now. May be there is no way that you see..

You are just like someone  standing on a four cross street who doesn’t know where to go. That’s absolutely ok. Everyone faces such things in life . And what makes you unique is the way you choose to get out of it. You have to find out what to do and choose a road . If there are no doors , create your own doors.

Suicide is like not choosing any road and just jumping to  a pit by yourself. May be you would get out of it if you chose a path and decide to take that route.

There is just negative thinking and darkness around you , but remember that darkness is only an absence of light and nothing else. Trust me you will find the light. Cry ..Cry a lot but then get up and don’t  you dare cry again on the same thing.

We all plan so many things in our life, we plan our study, our vacations, our career etc.

And it is true that most of the time things does not work as per our plan. We have to choose another college, cancel vacations and changes jobs and choose something which we don’t like . But our life is destined to choose those paths .

Keep moving in journey of life despite all odds.

Being human is a blessing and we can transform million of lives and contribute to family, society being alive. There are many people who are in worst situation than you, but they have chosen to face it and not end it.

Always lookup to such people  and you will never think of suicide again.

In a race , defeat is only when you refuse to get up and not when you fall.

So be alive and be happy because your life matters a lot.



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