Those night outs, those massive talks about life, those bunks that made you feel more happy than  when you get your salary today. Life was so much better back then when you were behind those gates of the college.

On this side of the college’s gate, we control life whereas On the other side life controls us.

Maths equations of sine and the cos theta concepts that you excelled at once, will rarely help you in this race for success.

The scores you made in those years, which decided your intelligence then, now seem to be worthless in this exam of a subject called life.

Undoubtedly  “There is no best teacher than life”. So what can you do to make that rugged and rough life a bit easy and mould it in a way which can  help you achieve what you want after your college.

1. Right Attitude

Attitude is everything. It can make you, as well as devastate you. You might not be getting what you want, but right and positive aids for  you to take right decisions, thus making your life as you envisioned.

2. Understand Your Likes And Dislikes

You might be doing with 9-5 job which you  not be liking but that’s fine. Keep asking yourself  every time “Are you doing the right job?”. Try and find out your likes and dislikes.

3. Make Your Moves Right

Now that you know your likes , plan your way ahead. Ask yourself the next important question ” Are you doing the job right?” Thinking about what you are doing to do what you want is important. ” The only Move that matters is the next one..”.  You are just one step away from that stair to success by choosing that right way of doing things.

4 . Don’t Wait For Opportunities To Knock

Grab the moment and create your own opportunity. Take up new things , and new challenges. It doesn’t matter if you fail. Everytime you fail, you learn something new.  Through failure you can learn all things that don’t work for your goal to be accomplished.

5. Patience Is The Key

Patience is bitter , but it’s fruit is sweet. It is a very essential factor in achieving success. Be patient with yourself, and don’t forget that success comes to those who not just wait , but to those who are patient with themselves while they still wait .!

“Life is not that easy beyond those beautiful college days and memories, but it doesn’t mean it has to be backbreaking and burdensome”

I hope those few tips can make your life a better place to live even outside those college gates.