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Marathon – A Runners Pride

I always used to think Marathon events as a platform for Olympic runners. It was an out of scope thing for me.

This is my story of Marathon and it gives me immense pleasure today to share my Marathon story with you.

In 2010, I won several prizes in my college for the various running events I had registered for but soon studies and other academic things got my attention. I never knew running would turn out to be my passion someday.

During Engineering College Sports Festival

Moving to 2016,  my friend called me up one morning and asked insistingly , “Do you want to participate in Mumbai Standard Charter Dream Run 6k Marathon “ ?

Dream turning into reality by starting  Full Marathon 42k from Olympic Stadium Amsterdam

This was the start of My 100k Marathon Journey and I never stopped running Marathons hereafter.

I Started Dreaming About Running 42k (Full Marathon)

I desperately,  checked all eligibility criteria to participate for Full Marathon (42k)

  • Half marathon (21k) was the pre requisite for Full Marathon (42k)
  • 10k was the pre-requisite for 21k with a pre defined set of timings

Not losing hopes I readily registered for Juhu Marathon 10k in one of the upcoming events and received medal for the same. This encouraged me more and soon running was all in my blood.

Next targets were achieved immediately when I registered for 21k Tarblazer Half Marathon and then for 21k Mumbai Mirchi Half Marathon.

Preparing myself for 42k was now an achievable thing for me.  The dream came true when I was in Europe for my onsite assignment and I got a chance to participate for 42k TCS Amsterdam Marathon and all thanks to Gaurav Jain for doing my registration upfront. I was in awe of myself while registering for 42.195k.

The moment I registered my name, I was on cloud 9. A person running 6k in Jan 2016 got his dream opportunity for 42k in October 2016.

It Took Me 5:58 Hrs To Get My 1st Full Marathon Medal.

I would like to thank Pooja Govekar and Radhika Krishnamurthy for waiting till the end to see me crossing the finishing line. You can see how happy I was (below picture) after wearing medal 🙂

TCS Amsterdam Full Marathon

I have to admit that, initially I was running only to get medals and not for my fitness. But Slowly I realized running not only gives you more happiness but also is a best form of exercise. I think it does you only good and no harm.

I consider 2016 as my biggest achievement, because I completed 5 marathons of total 100K (= 6k+10k+21k+21k+42k).

I hope my journey motivates you to start your own journey . My next aim is to run different Marathon in different cities as every Marathon gives me different experience.

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Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂


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