Marriage a truly great Indian tradition attached with it’s rituals and ceremonies brings with it a lot of new responsibilities.

Every marriage is like rebirth of a woman. The changes that she makes for herself , for her family are incredible.

Marriage is an institution of not only two people but also of all the other people related to them .

Be it arrange or love, the amount of commitment and loyalty that this institution demands is truly exhausting.

It brings two people together provided that those two people show the same level of maturity and sensitivity about each other.

For a girl, who comes from her papa’s house and so called the “ladli “of everyone at home, becomes the Bahu at her in laws. She is faced with enormous challenges and expectations. She has to respect elders at home, love the  youngers , attend the husband’s needs and what not. Apart from this she has to cook and also should work. No wonder inspite of this some people are not happy.

The sad part here I feel is that they never care to ask the girls expectations. She is the one who is in more need of love and care. She knows no one and hence she should be the first who should be made feel at home and taken care of.

I would also blame it on the  generation gap that we have. We are constantly stuck between abiding by the customs and traditions of the past and following the boldness and fearless attitude of the present. We should strive to find solutions to fill this gap.

The misunderstandings and the senseless  fights can truly be avoided if there is mutual understanding between these generations.

The higher generations find that their lower generations are all senseless and irrelevant and vice versa is also true. We should realize that every generation has their own set of beliefs and values. There is no right or wrong. It’s just the way it is. Every generation is striving to be better and it is our duty to support them.

Happiness can be achieved if you know how to value people and how well you manage yourself.

So let the lower generations do their things they want because they might be the need of the hour. It would naturally build trust in your relationship with them. Also listen to your elders because it’s true that they can guide you well because after all, they have more experience than you. And life I believe is all about experience

“It’s easy to create happiness but only if you wish to” Because for the wheel of happiness to be balanced it should be handled from both sides.