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Mission Admission

Chase your dreams..

Here I am with my 2nd blog on my favorite subject “Mission Admission “. You can read my first blog here.

So, It’s the admission season and I see students acing up for their dream career and their mission. They eagerly wait with expectations, while being in a dilemma to choose a career. While some are prepared for their fate, some are un-faced by it all. When they see their fate just a click away, and realize that their dreams are shattered they lose hope. On the other hand results surprise some, unknowingly. There are people who already prepared to take the admission but couldn’t make it. They start feeling lost and get bewildered about what went wrong and what mistake did they do. My friends please believe in the process and not in the system.

Do what you love and not what others are doing. All your friends of lower class might be at the same level till their 10th standard. Then gradually your friends might be going their way. At times, they might tell you their dreams. And at this age  being attracted to their dreams, you also would begin to pursue the same. It’s not like that, ask yourself what am I best in. You don’t need to go to a counselor for advice on your career. Its just the society around us who puts the pressure. Ignore them they might brainwash you, and give you a lot of hope. Remember its their job to do this way, you do what is rightful to you.

This is the age where you meet temporary people in your life. Take decisions wisely .

Life is just a numbers game. At some places, your age matters, at some places your marks matter, and at money matters. Numbers do play a significant role in everyone’s life. What happened if you didn’t score much in those exams?. Choose what you love the most and be the juggernaut in that so that in the future it would turn out to be more productive and benefit you and not chasing others dreams.

To be successful you require two principles- determination and discipline.

If you apply these two constants to your life the equation of success will be balanced. And most importantly do not forget your passion. Keep on doing it along with the supplementary work that you do.  Don’t let people underestimate your passion. Once you show results in that, will also bring trust of your parents and they will be your strongest support. Then you may turn your passion into profession which will convert your shame to fame. It’s you the person who makes or breaks your career.

Direction is much more important than speed, some people head in the wrong direction fast.

If you know what you want, then you can achieve what you want. Don’t be dependent on other’s thoughts and goals to achieve yours. Because If you don’t work for your dream someone may hire to build their dreams!

Ranji Raj
Hello Readers, I'm a passionate teacher and an engineer by profession currently pursuing a Master's degree in Germany. Love to learn languages and also an author of 4 books of Mumbai University. Plus I am a video creator at YouTube where I showcase my skills in teaching 25000+ students.  

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