Today is mother’s day and I am sure no one in the world will deny the fact that they do not want to celebrate.

Everyone wants to celebrate this day with their mother but most of us will just end up wishing her on phone or by shaking hand…

Did you also celebrate your girlfriend or boy friend’s birthday like this ? if you do so, then next day would be  “the breakup day” .. haha
of all the gifts that Life has to offer,a loving Mother is the greatest of them all 
This is the power of mother, she will not breakup, even if you do not celebrate her day..She will not say a word if you forget her birthday. Because she knows that feelings matter more than the days. She understands that your life is much more important than remembering her birthdays and celebrating them.
This letter is for my mom and I’m sure many of us also feel the same for your mother.. If yes then go and express yourself.

“You are not just a woman, but a super woman in true sense and a super cool grandmother.”

No matter how old I get, I always want my Mom when I don’t feel good! 

Today it’s an acknowledgement to all those years that you have spent nurturing me,with all the love, care, and deserved scolding’s. My dreams would never get the wings had you not supported me to realize them. The soft hands that rolled over my head every time you scolded me, made me feel secure.

Home is where the mom is ! 

You work like a super human, multitasking at one time…

Sometimes I get worried about your health. Sometimes even you are not well, you do not show it, rather you always calm my anxieties by saying that this is what makes you feel alive everyday.

Being women, wife, mother and now grandmother , you still manage to come up with same smile without any expectations and intention…

Really Mom, How Do you Do it?? Please give me your secret..

Mom, you really inspire the life in me. Needless to say that you have really raised the bar for me as well as for all the present and future moms .

Mom, all I can say is “I Love You” and you are the best in the world.

Now my wife is a mother too. And I hope she will feel the same when my daughter would write to her.
Wish you a very happy mother’s day to mom and wife for her motherhood …
Happy Mothers day to all moms, grannies, great grannies, step moms, and those who lost their moms. Moms are priceless !!

All that I am or hope to be,
I owe it to my Mother !