God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers

The journey of Motherhood is magical than any other journey in this world.

A Mother does not need any special day to be celebrated as a Mother’s Day because each and every day is special for her. She is a great warrior and each day she steps out as a fighter who is on duty throughout her life.

On this mother’s day let me walk you through some qualities that a mother possesses. Definitely, my words are short of my feelings but this is just an attempt to describe her.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.

Most mothers are emotional from the heart but they never showcase it to their children. She too needs attention at times which we usually ignore or notice. We must not take her for granted. She is always doing her part by understanding her children and so is the duty of a child to understand and support her as well.

A mother might not be strong mentally but she always stands strong for her kids. As the real guardian of the family, she always wakes up early despite any health issues or exhaustion on her part. She is hardly concerned about herself, the only thing that matters to her is her children and family.

As rightly said, a housewife needs to be highly paid because she never sits idle or enjoys her day for herself despite being at home.

This reminds me of another saying, Maa toh Maa hoti hai jiska koi tol nahi hota, meaning Mothers are incomparable and only the existing super beings on earth.

Every mother is perfect in her own way to look after and care for her child. She will never ever leave her family suffering for whatsoever reason. She continues to keep the same patience to lead her child to the path of success.

Best Friend:
Mother’s love is unconditional and she never wants any expensive gift, only a moment to cherish with her would be enough. She is one of the finest and best friends to her child.

A mother is a mother in herself but, I would neither leave behind to thank my dad who has worked to earn for the family and its needs so that we can live happily and with ease.

Every mother is complete and indispensable part of her child’s life.

This Mother’s day, I would like to thank my mother for her love, affection and care for me.

My mother has done her part, it’s now my time to fill those sleepless nights she has dedicated for all those restless days and hard work. Right from the simple thought of what my child would like to eat to all the sacrifices that she has made to grow me from her womb to a 25 year old girl is indeed commendable.

I wish you both, spend more time together !!

This is dedicated to every mother in this world.
Kudos to the single parents who have undoubtedly sacrificed their entire life for their children. She is a winner who has always been a shadow for their children.

I will never forsake my parents in their old age and I will ensure to keep the same patience to sit back with them and be a smile on their face.

I would advise all never to leave their parents when they need us because our simple presence would mean a lot to them. Never resign them to an old age home thinking that they are a burden for you or your family. Nothing in this world can compare with a mother’s patience and sacrifice for her children and family. They are the eternal icons of the world. 

To all the Parents Thank You and we are proud to be your Children.