I received a message from my friend Sandeep Patil about night cycling with MR group and without a second thought I registered myself and one of my friend Hemant Jain. I was constantly looking for something to boost my motivation. And this was it. I loved biking and here I was ready to ride on a bicycle along the streets of Mumbai.

Your willpower can work amazingly to get you what you want. But the only condition is that it should be everything that you want and the desires should be strong enough to create a difference.

Small sack with gloves and water bottle that’s it. Nothing else was required.
The Mumbai Rockers (MR Group) group had arranged bikes and snacks with minimal price for the people participating in the event.

There were more than 40 people, and I was like wow. India has so much youth population and the enthusiasm was simply marvelous. I didn’t know that so many people would be interested in bike riding on the busy streets of Mumbai, that too at night and in the rain.

Getting ready for cycling event for around 30 Km

The route covered the major locations of Mumbai starting from Colaba, Nariman point, sea link, Haji Ali and Gate way of India for around 30 km. The night view is amazing on the streets of Mumbai. And I was so happy on these streets because as a child, I always wondered roaming on these famous streets, and looking up to these massive Colaba buildings with British origins.

It somehow made me feel proud about Mumbai and reminded me of how long we came in this journey of evolution.

The event started by assigning bikes, and distributing snacks and energy drinks to each and everyone. There were children too and I was surprised to see their passion for biking. A salute to their parents for understanding the passion and letting their kids join this bike event at night on the busy streets of Mumbai.

Taking Selfie during breaks
During the entire route we laughed, shared some stories, shared our food, and took memorable photographs at few break points.
I felt bad that the ride had to stop at the Gateway of India. I thought why do good things have to end after all?? But then I realized bad things end too. And hence good things do to.

Actually the reason I wanted to do something memorable this day, was because this was the day when last year I ran the Amsterdam Full Marathon (click on this link to read blog). I missed this year being a part of the Marathon and that guilt motivated me for this cycling event.

Participating in this event has given me enough motivation for IronMan competition now. And I would take up more activities which can contribute a step towards my preparation for IronMan.

Near to finish point at 3AM (myself and my friend Hemant Jain)
Mid Night Cycling Mumbai Rockers Group

A warm hearted thank you to the MR group and friends for making it worth it.