Imagine waking up on a mountain peak caressed by gusty winds, greeted by chirping birds and the life rising high alongside sun without phone.
Relaxing Nature

Imagine starting a day before sunrise inside a pyramid meditating powered by life energies. You are drunk right in the morning. Drunk with life!

 How does it feels to get greeted by people brimming with love and affection and a packet of almonds and walnuts to rejuvenate the body.
A journey for life
 A brisk walk amidst the trees fluttering with joy, a session by a speaker so full of substance, a breakfast that elevates, sprinkles of shower that purifies and long long hours of silence that transforms.

How does it feel? Feels ecstatic? I did! 

I happened to attend a week long meditation course at a location situated atop Mt. Abu. I was totally away from my daily routine.

Here is a sneak peek into my inner experience.

The horror of being mere matter:
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The first thing that they make us comprehend through meditation is that “we are neither our mind nor our body”. Both of them are mere matter devoid of divinity or life. We are the souls or life energies or “atmas” or as you label it. And body is just an offshoot of Earth and mind, a repository of external environment we are exposed to.

The moment I realized this, there is this strange quietness that engulfed my inner landscape. Moving ahead I started feeling more lighter and both my mind and body appeared as a conduit for the life to manifest and for a million possibilities.

We build a mound of trash around the life through mind and body and bury it so deep that it loses it’s expression and we being mere matter just be dead.

“Being mere matter is horrific, let the life to find it’s expression in your life”.

Intellect becomes insignificant in the realm of nothingness:
Knowledge is wealth
‘Knowledge is limited and Ignorance is boundless’. As I slowly released myself or life from the terrible grasp of thoughts and impulses and started surfing though the darkness my intellect lost it’s expression and grasp. No reasoning, no judgement, no logic, no labels – I was just being.
Here being is not freezing oneself, it’s experimentally evolving to a new state of ignorance.

How miraculous tool is “INTELLECT”. “But what makes it dirty is our identity”. Use it for the best!

Being busy is non sensical:

Busy making money for no life!

The word busyness erupts out of ones’ priorities. When one be ego sensitive and not life sensitive, he appears to be always busy. Being ego sensitive is being role conscious or a profit and loss statement.The reason why journey appears so dull and boring and wearing.

Life is divine accept it’s design wholeheartedly:

Live your life

Life is divine, relish and savor every bit of it. When your involvement with life is really high and do things devotedly then the process itself becomes so highly rewarding and consequence tenuous.

In the process I learnt that, expectation is a tiny creation of mind and it’s absolutely limited. We expect the infinite life to succumb to our limited creation which is sheer foolishness.

Life has it’s own design accept it and let the divinity shine through you.

Observation is the highest form of productivity:

Observation is important
In the chaos of survival, we miss the most of gems and jewels of reality.
Research says that we have at least 2100-3000 thoughts per hour or moreover a thought per second. That means being highly preoccupied with the recent past or impending future or striving strongly for the survival of matter through matter.
 I learnt that, Life dims in this pressing preoccupation. Only observation can get the life back. Observation expands our perception and adds new dimensions to our experience. And it’s highest form of productivity.

In this cyclical traumatic survival drama don’t ever miss to observe the dance of the Divine.

Mind is a reflex it reacts to everything:

Mind is a reflex and it reacts to everything. Don’t let it identify you. Just keep it under observation.

Selfless service is an inner success:

I found the love of people serving there so vibrant and energetic that just being around them is addictive. Don’t think that they are unprivileged, most of them serving there have retired from the highest cadres of civil services.

I struck a conversation with a lady while having dinner while She was serving piping hot rice with full of love, affection and care. Her ultra simplistic attire did not reveal her superiority of being the head officer in SBI. She spoke fluent and flawless English.

Love is love relish it, don’t ever gauge the source.

And I learnt that Love full of life or out of life is Divine.

All in all I indeed had a sort of life changing experience. Now I feel i’m little more well versed in experiencing and adding the flavor of life in my life and the lives around!

Look forward to hearing from you my dear life!