It all began from 25th March 2020.

I had never imagined myself doing such a thing in my life consistently for 100 days. Enforcement of lockdown and motivation were the two main driving forces behind such a massive achievement.

Progress Chart – 100 Days, 560 KM,  This remarkable journey embraced with a small thought to beat boredom and continue my fitness regime while staying indoors.

When it comes to 100 days, it is three months and 10 days of sheer efforts without a break of even a single day.

Running and fitness go hand-in-hand.

Besides, being a marathon runner and fond of running, I decided to run for 5 kilometres each day inside my house over the period of lockdown which eventually extended to reach a milestone of 100 days with prolonged lockdown. This is not merely my individual achievement; I would also like to congratulate all my fellow colleagues who had joined in this challenge along with me. This would not have been possible without the catalyst of motivation and encouragement through these days.

Here are some key insights during the course of this achievement.

Say it loud – Never refrain from announcing to your near and dear ones about your objective and inspire each other towards attaining a bigger picture of it. As an individual, I was able to accomplish 555 kilometre however, together we acquired 9000 kilometres over a time span of 100 day. Each day we tracked each other’s progress over common group thereby motivating each other and staying focused towards our plan.

Hire your desire – Stop complaining and start acting is one of the key factors of success. Never stop yourself with lame excuses towards your desire. Lockdown could have been an excuse nonetheless an opportunity hired and enacted upon. Besides, there were certain days where I started running late at night, before heading to sleep and did not simply give up with an excuse of having a hectic day.


Make It Simple: Follow 2 min rule to achieve many things Read more: Courtesy: Syaahi

Make it simple – Small habits eventually do make a huge difference. A simple run of 5 KM each day turned out into a magical milestone of 9000 KMs. This is how it goes. Everything is not necessarily complicated as assumed. It is our thought which makes simple things look complex and complicated. Start simple and you will eventually be prepared for the tough one over a period of time. My goal began with wearing shoes and a tracking app in a pocket, it was that simple.

Take the first step – It is not always necessary to create an end-to-end plan at the first place. Taking the first step is sometimes more important than thinking about future or enabling preparedness. So was the case with me; had I thought of conquering so many kilometers on the very first day, the plan might have been perceived impossible to attain. The goal was achieved gradually and steadily. I made could finally make it to 555 KM by taking the first step.

Courtesy: Syaahi

Commitment and compliance are must – Planning must be accompanied by commitment and compliance failing which the plan makes no sense. It was not easy to stay committed neither complaint consistently over 100 days. There were quite a number of instances where commitment to compliance was attained in bits and pieces with small breaks while running for 5 kilometres on certain days. For me, it was important to achieve my goal each day, no matter how.

I strongly believe every individual has the potential to attain whatever desired in life.

Never stop at small glitches which are nevertheless part and parcel of life. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude towards everyone who joined in my journey of 100 days and this will be continued….

All thanks to wife for making this one, giving a feeling of this milestone. I will cherish this moment.

Cheers !!