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Nirav Shah – 200 NOT OUT Days of Running covering 1073 KM

Exactly 200 days ago, I started a running streak, for no reason in particular.
It all began on 25th March 2020. I had never imagined myself doing such a thing in my life continuously for 200 days (Close to 7 months). Apart from daily chores like brushing my teeth, I have never ever done anything so consistently in my life.

Progress Chart – 200 Days, 1073 KM,  This remarkable journey embraced with a small thought to beat boredom and continue my fitness regime while staying indoors.

“Enforcement of lockdown and motivation were the two main driving forces behind such a massive achievement.” This is exactly what I said when I had completed 100 days, but then I never knew that these words will not expire even after completion of 100 days.

After 100 days, my well-wishers suggested me to take a planned rest to avoid any injury and I too surfed on google on the implications and advantages of running continuously without a break of a single day. I could however find mixed comments from people, both positive and negative, about running every day over the internet.

Both Moments – #100 Days and #200 Days of Running, “My game. My rules”, with this thought, I decided to listen to my body and continue running. I did not experience any pain even after 100 days and started-off towards next milestone. However, I made myself clear to stop incase my body signals some pain or needs relaxation.

 One of the terms of this rule was running for at least 5 km each day.

Over the past 200 days, I ran for at least 5 km every day and occasionally 10 or 15 km while participating in virtual marathons or supporting some cause. This is fully encouraged and supported by other friends and colleagues as well. We keep running and cheering together every single day for the last 200 days and covered 18,000 KM together.

Running has certainly taught me a lot over this vast span of days and these two main aspects of life which running has taught me during these days.

Don’t excuse yourself: Sometimes you are too occupied to be able to find time while sometimes you are simply lazy to take that extra effort for your own fitness. In such a case, just start with a mile; I am sure you will end up more than that thought of. I used this technique initially and then I was always able to spare 30-40 minutes of my time for running each day.

Modify but don’t stop: It is no exception to get bored of following the same routine every day. So was the case with me. Running 5 km every single day was a challenge in itself. So, I opted for variations; sometimes I ran fast, sometimes slow jogging, at times I even added few exercises after completion of each kilometre and so on.

200th Days of Running; Running 5 km on Matheran Hill Station
Video Courtesy: Hemant Jain

It was time for celebration. My friend and wife once again planned to celebrate this milestone of 200 days, the first one was celebrated on completing 100 days. This time however it was far away from home, we celebrated this accomplishment at Matheran Hill Station.  A total of 1073 Kms (666 MILES) was covered in the span of 200 days.

No doubt this big achievement only began with the very first decision and very first step. Sometimes, we need not essentially need a plan.

These Medals are reusable and old ones.. haha.. but the celebration is new, This motivation will keep me moving further; All thanks to My Wife & friends celebrating a milestone.

Thanks to all friends who keep supporting and encouraging even in this virtual time via WhatsApp groups.

Just follow the Ready, Steady, Go Principle and you never know what heights you reach unless the first step is taken.

The heights reached need not necessarily be the topmost one but, anytime better than none. Moving towards #300 Days.

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂

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