The coronavirus pandemic has not just affected people and their lives but has also challenged runners and athletes to remain at home, something quite not acceptable.

People who are highly active and workout on a daily basis feel antsy when they are asked to remain confined within the walls of the house. And so, did happen with me that day.

21 Days India Complete Lock down announcement for Corona Virus

I was quite agitated to hear about lockdown for 21 days in India. No wonder closure of gyms and swimming pools had already taken a toll on me since they were a part of my daily schedule and to top it all, a complete shutdown was something as I was unable to digest.

I had started running on daily basis post-non-availability of gym and pool only with the hopes that it will soon open. BUT, with lockdown the fight for my fitness regimen only got tough.

It was the first day of lockdown but ironically first and last day of lockdown for me.

I was so much restless on the first day itself that I had no other choice but to come up with a much powerful alternate plan for survival during this period.

Where there is a will (Wheel), There is a way.

Cycle Resting On The Stand

Cycle, resting on the stand, this was the first thing that I came across while thinking about making some fitness routine at home. I casually started paddling only to realise I had covered 21 km and my body was slightly tired by this time.

Wow! This was something that I needed. I instantly came up with a plan, rather a commitment to myself to complete 21 km of cycling each day for 21 days.

This is how I calculate 21km distance using Cycling Speedometer

Within a day or so, I thought to add jogging or running in place at home for at least 5 kms. I also shared this plan with my office colleagues and they readily joined in and accepted 5km challenge to together reach a milestone of 1000 km.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

My zeal and enthusiasm for this routine have continued over these days without any break. Till now I have covered 21km for all 12 days (13*21=273km). No doubt, at times I felt to cross my limit and go for an extra stretch but, I always stopped having achieved my daily set targets. Consistency is what really matters. Putting in extra efforts for a day or so and then breaking the chain out of injury was something which certainly was not good and hence it was worthy only to stick to the plan and follow it daily.

Started on 25.03.2020 till 14.04.2020 , covered 441km

Day by day, I was moving close to perfection. By now I already have an estimate of how much time it will take to complete my task and what would be most appropriate time to start with it. This is how consistency and plan go hand-in-hand.

Today the entire nation is under crisis. There are individuals who are compromising on their fitness due to this situation while there are also ones who are not and nailing it every single day.

Short Glimpse of Cycling workout 21km – Thanks to my friend Hemant Jain for making this video

Personally, I would advise everyone to follow the fitness mantra which best suits you but at the same time know your body and do not overdo it. This is a tough time for everyone and only solidarity will help overcome this situation.

Some positive things happened during tough times – #21DaysChallenge

Stay fit, active and healthy.