Journey is not just about exploration; it is not just about adventure or research. It teaches a lot more rather, lessons of life.

As I was traversing through the 50 days of lockdown journey, I could learn a lot more about life and its fundamentals. With advancements in technology, the list of human necessities to has been increased. However, the lockdown has brought us back to an era where the list of necessities has been cut short to the actual need of people and not what is desired to be attained.

#50 Days of Running, covering 281 km so far.. moving towards 100 Days of Running.

So, did I learn in the course of lockdown. I often looked forward to gyms and other equipment as my fitness need and seldom realized that fitness can even be achieved without the need for a gym and with minimal or no equipment. There is no need to really step out of the house for running to cover kilometres; it can well be achieved indoors as well.

No wonder lockdown had imposed restrictions however, brain did not stop its brainstorming with a lockdown.

1.  4000km covered together and we are still continuing this trend to hit another milestone of 5000 kilometres.

With lockdown, I was looking for new ways to sustain fitness and my routine. Hence, I came up with a plan to run 5 kilometres each day, within my home, throughout the period of lockdown. The plan was a huge success with some office colleagues joining this challenge and we have together crossed a milestone of 4000 kilometres until now.

Without these guys, it would not have been possible for me to run continuous 50 days, everyone gave each other motivation to keep going everyday.

2. Besides this, cycling 21 kilometres for 21 days during the initial stage of lockdown was another challenge accomplished.

Where There is a will (Wheel), There is a way, covered 441km (21 Days * 21km)

3. Participating in a number of indoor marathons were an add-on which kept me moving in the course of lockdown.  Relay run #GrattitudeRun of 105 kms & 10 kms run for Corona warriors & 10 kms run on Mother’s Day #MaaRun are a few to mention.

Will try to keep adding more

Needless to say, regular exercising is continuing to boost my energy and endurance.

The journey is still continuing and I am already in love with my new fitness routine during this phase. Lockdown had made me explore the opportunities which never would have been possible otherwise. Definitely, I cannot assure of myself following the same routine without lockdown however, can look forward to follow it once in a while later.

The game does not end here.

Fitness is just one part of the journey during a lockdown. I have definitely learnt and investigated a lot more areas of interest and some alternatives during this journey.

Every coin has two sides. No doubt lockdown has a lot of dark sides however, staying positive and focusing on the bright side of it can only help surpass this tough phase of life.

#Stay Home, #Stay Safe !!