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Deep like Ocean and warm like heart ..

Heart to Heart !

In this world, where people seem so careless and cold, I have always turned to my Mother. All the queries and answers that she gives me do not satisfy me but surely make me believe in myself. I only feel restless when she cannot be with me and I have to handle it all alone.

Writing helps you let your stress out. It can relieve the energies trapped and can heal the wounds created. Amidst this selfish and tiring days, I decided to write a poem. It just came to my mind and I felt I just need to express the world inside me that whispered to me.

Mind is a ocean of thoughts

A new blooming, the tears, the cry
a new life giving it a try..
What is it , may be a light
I just came from deep inside..

A new stage, sometime to think
a pretty smile with a simple blink…
I question , mother reply
only she had the answers that made me fly..

A curiosity coming up from deep beneath
like a wave hidden in oceans deep…
The world is now opening up
there is a beautiful moon, an old tree…

It’s like the two, in love with me
Seasons change, so did I…
I grew up, that all I wished
but is it worth, I have to act and to react
something is missing like this verse
I am incomplete..

What I need, that tree , that moon
the river, a cool breeze..
May be my mother’s lap
Or a little childhood flight
just to get back a simple life…

I hope my poem would be felt by some of you.  Would love to hear from you guys if you love writing.

Apoorv bhargava
I like travelling, reading,writing. I take life as it comes. I have other lives..and yet,I crave for more!


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