It was a hectic office mid week. I was returning home carrying a burden of thoughts. I broke that code. Will I be able to mend it? What will be the affect?. Will my manager approve my leaves? What will she say? Blah blah blah… All the thoughts revolving around created a chaos , which I chose to suppress by plugging a earphone piece in my ear. The idea was to override the chatter of the thoughts with the noise of the loud music.

Waiting on the station, I noticed a lady arriving with a brown basket in her hand.

Her husband came nearer and placing a hand on the basket kept on seeking for assurance that she could handle it. It was obvious that the rush hour of Mumbai needed a true validation of the safety of the basket.

I was observing all this when a sudden raise in the basket lid, caught my eye. And to my surprise it was a cute little puppy staring at me with his teeny meeny hopeful eyes which asked me to take him out of the basket. It was my favorite breed of golden retriever 6 days old, trying to pop out his small soft paws his pink nose that he licked from time to time.

I immediately removed the distracting earphones and rolled them over the phone, which surprisingly directly went to my bag. Only few things take me away from my phone .. I rarely do this as, I am generally not interested in knowing people and listening to their conversations.  Being an introvert, I prefer to stay away from people as much possible as I either talk deeply or completely stop having conversations. But this cute little angel, made me get out of my way and attracted me to itself.

I was finding ways of opening the basket entirely to have a look at the puppy myself. And I instantly figured out that talking to the person owning the dog, was my first step. I wanted to touch it and be amazed at his reaction when I would cuddle it. How could I resist a mute pet that spoke a thousand words through his innocent eyes. Those eyes which reflected the love that I long for.

I started talking to the lady while playfully making the puppy chase my finger hovering above his head. I cannot resist kissing his little snow white paws that tried to get hold of my fingers. What a satisfying feeling it was!

I was lost in that divine feeling, until the owner brought me back to life. A lady in the train accompanying her daughter in the front seat, smiled back acknowledging the fact that she adored and loved animals too. Soon she came to us and shared her day to day activities that she was involved in with her pet.

Time just flew in a blink of eye, while discussing about the sweethearts they owned. They showed me pictures of their pet’s birthday celebration, their naughty and some purely lovely pictures. It was like a bunch of people sharing the common interest of pet love. It was as if only we knew how happy we felt talking about them. I could totally relate now, why those women are so curious and listen so patiently to what other women’s kids did.

I would not have realized , I loved talking to people , if it was not for the animal love. Due to this guilt free species, I was no longer lost in those dreadful thoughts that took away all my energy and made me feel exhausted. I was thinking only about him, trying to grasp all of it’s beauty with my powerless 2 eyes.

Nothing could compare the warmth , the love and the canine bond I had. It really makes me believe in love again . I realized how much I needed Unconditional and sincere love. Feeling secure and loved , has an altogether different energy that rejuvenates you for a new life.

No matter how the day started , the ends made me no less than a carefree happy and satisfied person. And trust me feeling content in what you have is the best feeling in the world.!