I have nowhere to go,
but, I have got a whole world to explore

I am bounded by the walls of a home,
but, Within seconds, I get to know the happenings around the globe

I don’t get to meet my colleagues,
but, I get to see them each and every day through zoom meetings

I don’t get to live my office life where I used to take breaks in between work,
but, My entire life these days has been revolving around the office work

I don’t get to do Swiggy or Zomato
but, At home, I am having my favourite delicacies – pancakes and pasta pesto

I have always been a great fan of filter coffee,
but, I had a realisation of it only when I tried the Algona coffee

Courtesy: Syaahi https://www.facebook.com/div070518

I am a person who wouldn’t be at home the entire day otherwise,
but, It’s been more than three months that I have been managing my things from home on Splitwise

I used to walk 3-4 kilometres while travelling the office up and down,
but, I have been counting more steps on Step Set Go during the lockdown

I have been locked away from my family in a faraway town,
but, I feel more connected with them ever now

I was diligently visiting the gym to streamline my lifestyle,
but, My lifestyle has now turned out to be healthy in its truest sense for a while

I always felt that holiday, picnic, or trip was all about the beach, resort or a water park,
but, I have realised that the best kind of vacation is when you actually realise the beauty of and seek happiness and peace from any of the surroundings you walk

I always desired fancy stuff and admired creativity,
but, Now I have realised that the true beauty of anything lies in its utility

I have dreamt a thousand dreams, drafted a thousand plans to contemplate,
but, Only to realise that life unveils the reality no matter what you excogitate

I had a well formulated financial plan for my life,
but, Who knew to be alive and surviving would turn out to be the most profitable project of my life

I believed insurance policies cover life and financial risks,
but, Today I have realised that there’s no insurance scheme to preserve the mental peace

I have nowhere to go,
but, I have got a whole world to explore

Courtesy: Syaahi https://www.facebook.com/div070518