“Rakshabandhan” or “Rakhi” is a festival celebrated by many people mostly of South Asian country.  It is a festival of brotherhood and love.

A typical sight of sister tieing up  talisman, or amulet, a “rakhi” to her brother symbolises Rakshabandhan. It means that the brother owns the protection of his sister willfully and happily. He promises to support her, care for her and protect her no matter what.

I remember the days when my sister couldn’t wait to get her gifts from me while tieing the rakhi. The smile on her face broadened limitlessly when she would rotate a plate filled with diyas and sweets, around me and placed a small red tikki on my forehead. Staying away from home, this year I celebrated the festival digitally, although I acknowledge the fact that connecting has become simpler but connections are getting weaker.

Early in the morning, my mother called me up to check if I had tied the rakhi my sister parcelled me. I asked my roommate to tie the Rakhi on my hand. This is not usual, as two brothers or friends do not tie a Rakhi on hand.

But something struck me

Why two friends or two brothers, or two sister’s and most importantly husband and wife cannot tie Rakhi? Why only brother and sister?

As per me, the meaning of “tieing a Rakhi” is about showing your affection and protection for each other and praying for each other. Ideally “Tieing a Rakhi” should not define a relationship. It is a symbol of trust, love and bond that the 2 people share.

The festival should be generic and should be celebrated to show your love.

I feel every person should tie Rakhi to every person that he genuinely loves and wants to protect in life. I hope my words would be an eyeopener for some and we start celebrating this festival in a different way. Let the festival reflect the true perspective of love and affection that they share.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change !

On this day, I wish the entire world “Happy Rakshabandhan” and

Let Us Protect Every Other Person & Let The Inspiration Be Alive

My roomate and I tieing the rakhi to me