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Relationship Status – No it’s not Complicated !

Because it starts with you .!

Relationship is all about “being connected“. Either connected by blood , marriage or by heart.

Ever since we are born, we are taught the simplest lessons to cope with the challenges of life and build good relationships with others. Having good relationships is an assurance of avoiding the loneliness that sets into your life.

The question is, what makes a good relationship?

Here are a few of the key points to consider in a relationship.


Acceptance is the basic requirement of a relationship

This is a single most biggest asset for maintain healthy relationship. It is very important in a relationship to truly and fully accept the significant other. Because if you think that the other person is going to change then you are wrong. You can only change yourself. And the other person will change only if they want to. So accept the person as they are and enjoy your differences.


Sharing your emotions,ideas and thoughts is important for a deep relationship

Once you are in a relationship, you are not just thinking about yourself. You learn to share what you have. This does not just include material things. You are also at a privilege of sharing  your thoughts, ideas, dreams and even your frustrations. You both take turns doing things that you like together and learn to compromise and sacrifice things to make others better.


Caring for each other is essential

People in a good relationships care about each others stuff and make efforts to show how they value each other’s space. They both take time to know what matters to the other and also give time to try out each other’s interests. Most of all, they care enough to listen to each other and do nice things for each other.


Co operation is the key for a relationship

Cooperation binds healthy union. The people involved , work as a team to achieve their goal. Each one helps and supports the other to succeed in their individual endeavors. They compliment each other and so they grow together while nurturing their individual self.


Trust is everything in relationship

Trust is a vital ingredient to any relationship. It is like glass that needs to be protected because once it is broken it can never be fixed. If two people trust each other fully then they are fortunate to be in their relationship.


Having someone to love is eternal

Love is the ultimate sign of a good relationship. Love which makes people give up important things in life just to make the other one happy. I am talking about love that is willing to sacrifice everything just so they can be with each other.

To mention there are many factors , but there is always this one question we need to ask Is the situation important or the Person? Because people may change according to situations. So judging them based on the situation would prove fatal for a relationship. Putting yourself in their shoes is important to understand them, their decisions and their choices.

All realtionships go through hell, but the real realtionships get through it.


Ronak Tandel
I am a techie by profession. I love to read, write, travel and have a soft corner for photography. Believer of love and simplicity.

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