You are not alone, These are the words uttered to the person who leaves us without any information or any clue of what he suffers when he dies.

As we have been listening and hearing of several public figures and who are in the news recently Rajput Singh who went through depression or were very disturbed in life. We will miss you !!

There comes a time when a person just cannot handle himself anymore and at a moment of spur he is compelled to commit suicide. There are some common reasons if we study in a deeper side of these things.

Courtesy: Syaahi

The main causes leading to such kind of actions in any person’s lifetime are:
– Childhood Isolation or trauma and neglect
– Social Isolation or loneliness
– Experiencing discrimination and stigma
– Social disadvantage, poverty and debts
– Losing someone close to you
– Severe long-term stress
– Physical health conditions
– Unemployment or losing Job

Difference between REAL and REEL, Mental Health Crisis is going to loom in the world.

Right now I feel after Corona, Mental Health Crisis is going to loom in the world. More people depending on alcohol for relief from stress is going to increase everwhere.
Worries related to Pandemic, unemployment for future, finance, stress of work.

Some solutions for these kinds to depressions may be going less on Social media, not comparing with anyone, and not being in the competition or rat race on every front of life.

We can read the facts and get figures of the world as to which country has more suicides in the world but there’s no way to get out of these things.

Courtesy: Syaahi

A person always longs for a good friend or partner with whom he can share all the good and bad experiences of life, and also what he feels at that time, but in today’s so-called busy world nobody gets an ear to hear as to what the other person feels exactly, just partying and being together for fun is become a habit, there are hardly genuine people who will guide a friend what not to do.

You might be socialising a lot but if you are lonely at a party it’s time u think about yourself if you really need to do such kind of things.

Human minds tendency is such that it always runs behind the things which may be out of reach. We wish to get to the top, but after reaching there you have nobody because everybody else is viewed below you, which is difficult to maintain and also you know who wants you down.

A very well known celebrity, an awesome actor, a loving personality, a terrific dancer, an intelligent human, a person with a contagious smile and a person with one of the most expressive and talkative eyes ever.

We should remember the fact that there are lots of people who are going through stress in maybe more verst conditions and look at what additional do we have and be happy.

Good and bad times in life do come and go but if life is lost everything is lost.

Value Your Precious Life