Six years ago, when I was pursuing my studies, I immensely hated this group of students standing separately getting special advantages. Having worked hard whole year and having failed to get what I wanted after all the efforts, made me resentful.

CASTE is a state of Mind..!

I talked about this with my friends often, but my sullen attitude would never be overcome. Issuing books to only a few students in the library at low cost, reserving seats for them in every class room, letting them in with less percentages, all this just ended up making me disappointed .I came to a realization that these “Reserved” ones of our beloved society are the ones creating discrimination. They occupy the front seats in the college, and to whom the marks are sold out by faculties easily.

Can you make out a person’s caste from his eyes, profession or clothes?
I just wonder what people see in the ‘reserved’.  A caste based reservation system destroys a good friendship and introduces separation in all the aspects. They take away the seats of deserved candidate and the country is left with caste dominated people instead of intelligent ones.
Just put the label of caste on a bottle of blood.. 
And see how many people will deny from taking it !

In this 21st century , but still caste and creed based reservation system is prevalent in our society. If you are born in a reserved category, don’t wear it as an ornament and roam around because caste is just a state of mind. Our society only needs the deserved people right now.  No matter what others tell you, do your best and get yourself the deserved. There is no reservation for handwork and talent.

You are the best in the world. There should be only one caste , and that is caste of humanity. One religion and that is of love and one language that is of heart! People today are in need pure need of these things rather than these dramatic separations of thoughts. Weak people need such reservations because they are afraid that they might not be so powerful to earn it. It may be hard, fight or it, struggle through it and earn it.

Respect is earned and not given !!