Five indoor virtual marathons completed so far and still counting; there is simply no looking back.

For me, a marathon was more like an unrealistic and unachievable dream, unlike my husband who makes sure that to participate in each and every marathon. For him running is passion and living his dream.

No wonder, I was encouraged to participate in a virtual run because of him. However, the confidence to participate in first indoor run of 10 km was not just a mere coincidence; I was prepared enough mentally and physically for it.

It all began with a small challenge imposed by my husband to complete 5 km running inside a home as a part of my exercise routine. Reluctant, yet I accepted it and started running with mobile in my pocket to track distance covered.

I never imagined this certificate belongs to me, Taking the first step was the hardest part.

There was a will and way too but, lack of confidence.

Although I was running, somewhere my mind was not completely ready and I thought to quit upon reaching two or three kilometres as an achievement. With a dilemma between accomplishing challenge and quitting, I was somehow able to complete 5 km.

The sense of achievement is no less than winning an award.

It was not just about conquering challenge for which I was happy; I was more delighted to realize my potential that day. And, this was my turning point which gave me a boost to participate in upcoming indoor running event owing to lockdown amid corona pandemic.

Moving from causal run of 5 km to participating in event and running for double the distance of 10 km was definitely a little challenging but, my confidence did not let me quit this time.

Taking the first step was the hardest part.

First followed by second and so on and so forth; I seldom realized I have participated in five such events so far. Honestly, this has now become more like a journey for me and I keep looking for participating in more and more such kind of events. I am also looking forward towards running my first ever outdoor marathon which will be a milestone for me.

Running is not just a sport, it teaches a lot more; so did I learn with this sport.

More often we are reluctant to doing certain things in life just because they look difficult without realizing if they are actually difficult for us. Many of us quit with the thought of being ashamed of defeat or failure. However, none holds true without giving it a try. Never force yourself to stop without giving a fair chance and later regret in future.

Let’s take a chance to fly or fall in life, each has its own experience.