Special days demand Special Celebration. What could be better than accomplishing 52 kms on 52nd birthday.

Every challenge creates a new opportunity.

Lockdown has enforced our minds and body to adapt and survive within limitations. With lockdown, fitness has taken a backseat for few while some of them are still continuing their fitness regime by exercising, running or jogging inside their homes. No wonder such people are an inspiration to others; a tough prospect when you think about it however, when you put your mind to it, it is achievable.

If They Can, We Too Can.

Being fond of running, I too have been nurturing the idea of running a marathon inside my home over these days, albeit on a single spot, as opposed to running in short loops.

Having accomplished a couple of half marathons by practicing running in short loops, I realized that this was a different challenge altogether. Besides mental challenge, being on one spot and absolutely no change of scenery was going to be tough on legs.

Video : Glimpse of Running Indoor Ultra Run 52km with Indian Flag

5th April 2020, it was a special day for me. I had earmarked this date to attempt a full marathon inside my house amid lockdown. However, when I woke up, I changed my plans and decided to opt for Ultra, 52 kms to be specific, a number of significance for me today.

When you do not let doubts seep into your head, you already have won the battle in your mind. It is only a matter of actualizing it by means of your effort.

It is only you who can stop you from accomplishments.

A mental metronome :
One kilometre after another, there was no stopping and I went on and on. No soap water on the floor, no bands tied to my waist, I was pretty much in my running rhythm without any of these. A mental metronome, counting 1 to 8 and then repeating it again, helped the mind-body co-ordination. Carrying an Indian flag in my hand was an added motivation.

Handy hydration :
I was lucky enough to have a nice breeze which kept me cool and helped me maintain a steady pace. The Tricolor fluttering in the breeze was enough to motivate me. Handy hydration and shelter against the sun while running in the afternoon were big bonuses to run indoors. Oranges and bananas for boost and nutrition, what else could one ask for. But, it all seems easy on paper and needs a serious mental push to continue.

Pushing the limits :
The longest I had run indoors so far was 25 kms. Since that distance was no longer a mental block, I was able to accomplish it again without any problems. The next 27 kms was definitely going to be challenging for me. Luckily, there was no sign of the proverbial wall at 30 kms as well and pretty soon I had nailed the Full Marathon distance (42 kms) in under 5 hours.

Victory Lap:
A quick stretching for 30 seconds, some oranges, and I was off again for the final 10 kms. I now targeted a sub 6 timing. One of the advantages of running on the spot is that you can pretty much garner pace. It was time for some music and I was now running in Fartlek mode.

When I finally stopped, it was 52kms in 5 hours, 55 minutes and 55 seconds, 05:55:55

Mission accomplished
What many perceived as a Stumbling Block, had just been converted into a Stepping Stone!!!

Corona Virus must have restricted me but not refrain me from achieving my goals.