Humans as a species, have always striven hard to simplify things. From quadrupeds to bipeds, the entire evolution process itself is testament to this fact. Necessity maybe the mother of Invention but essentially an invention always converts a complex problem into something simpler.

This is the reason great success stories of many businesses and applications spanning various eras are strongly rooted in the belief of solving a problem and simplifying everyday life. Think of sliced bread to Uber. Simplicity is what we seek for!

Simplicity is like a magic trick, once the mystery is unraveled & the complexity is untangled it becomes difficult to appreciate it’s value.

People who love complexity have the compulsive need to think that it is complexity that makes things valuable – Anonymous

Complexity thus attracts a lot of attention because we like to dwell on things which make us think. This is both good and bad in different scenarios. Good when we further innovate & invent to solve things. Bad when in life we take the simple things for granted and undermine it’s impact in our lives.

Simple pleasures such as mother’s home cooked food, sibling banter or even the ability to sing, sway to the music are deceptively mundane and regular. Treasured by some, instigate homesickness in others and few can only dream of doing them again due to serious health issues, visa issues etc.

The tasks we need to do daily to stay healthy are so simple that they sound stupid.
But we wait, we procrastinate.

Till our health deteriorates; sometimes to a point of no return.
Sedentary lifestyle, today, is an occupational hazard. Just walking for a minute after every hour can do wonders instead we are inclined towards lucrative gym offers.
We join it dreaming about the overnight results that will be brought about by the complicated food & workout regime that will be dished out to us on a personal basis. Well, it doesn’t work out that way (Pun intended).
We succumb to the daily hustle and the promises we make to ourselves about visit to the gym never see the light of the day.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” ~ Steve Jobs

The dilemmas and problems we face change each day, each year, each phase of our life; so will the complexities. We need to inculcate the habit of understanding and accepting the problems at that stage in our life and simplifying them. Simplicity, then, is an ongoing process.

Unnecessary clutter both inside you & in your vicinity tend to contribute to confusion and distraction from your focus generating complex situations. Clothes that we scarcely use still find a sweet spot in our wardrobe. Even finding the one item that fits you perfectly then becomes a long & arduous task. Similarly harboring negative thoughts foster uncertainty & indecisiveness. Clear goals can be achieved by simple focused efforts. Buying a dress you know you will never wear just because it is on sale is something we have all done & feel guilty about. Instead we should focus on the purpose of our shopping trip & avoid these guilt trips!

One of the values Simplicity endorses is richness. Our ancestors had limited options but their experiences were rich. A small vegetation patch outside home could yield scrumptious meals. Today’s multi cuisine restaurants with their plethora of choices cannot live up to that simple meal. Travel times have reduced but we do not have time for our loved ones. Health facilities have reached the pinnacle but the number of people suffering from stress disorders and other modern day health issues are ever increasing. Living simply is an art. A lost one! It is not recorded in any museum or ancient library as a thesis. It can only be imbibed by observing our journey through the ages.
As we grow old our mind craves for the simpler pleasure of life. Probably why our favorite TV serial as a kid (Malgudi days), the tasty orange Popsicle bring a smile on our faces

Let’s pause. De clutter. Try not to contribute to the sea of options but rather revel in what we have. Let us live – simply!