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Small Innovations – (T)ogether.(C)aring.(S)haring

List of small innovation(s) which we have built In-House to make this platform better and more secure.

1. BlogSense Distributed Revenue Sharing (BlogSense DRS)

BlogSense DRS (Distributed Revenue Sharing) is a heart of this platform and powerful way to attract blogger or author to build your community on platform. Platform will distribute 70% of revenue to each author from total revenue generated by their blogs on every month. You heard it right, it is 70% – That is huge.


BlogSense DRS will monitor revenue generated by each blog and the same will be distributed to owner of each blog forever on monthly basis.

How Revenue will be calculated every month?

Person A has written two blogs :-

Blog1 => Total revenue generated from this blog is 10$ in one month

Blog2 => Total revenue generated from this blog is 5$ in one month

Person B has written one blog :-

Blog3 => Total revenue generated from this blog is 20$ in one month Means, this platform has earned total 35$ (10+5+20) from all blogs.

Now this is the best part of BlogSense DRS model. We do not want to keep this earning with us. We want to (S)hare 70% of this revenue to all the owners of blogs every month.

How Revenue will be distributed every month?

Person A has helped to generate revenue of 15$ in one month to this platform.

Hence, Person A will get 70% of 15$ = 70*15/100 = 13.5$ for that month

Person B has helped to generate revenue of 20$ in one month to this platform

Hence, Person B will get 70% of 20$ = 70*20/100 = 14$ for that month.

This calculation will be done every month, so the post written by you will stay forever and generating revenue every day. Hence you will earn every month for each blog.

2. Invalid Revenue RoboProtector (IRP)

Invalid Revenue RoboProtector(IRP)” system which runs 24*7 automated. It checks for any invalid revenue generation tactics by our authors and stops them to indulge in unfair practices. Hence, with this – we ensure we protect the rights of all the other authors who are working hard and earning revenue organically rather than indulging in unfair practices. This also protects our advertiser’s interests who power our website.

3. Blog Read-O-Meter (Blog RoM)

Blog Read-O-Meter automatically calculate estimated reading time based on standard reading speed. The Reading time gets added in each post automatically as soon as any article gets published without any manual intervention. This innovation helps readers to understand how much time they need to invest to read a article. (Feature is highlighted in blue color in above screenshot)

4. Blog View-O-Meter (Blog VoM)

Blog View-O-Meter (Blog VoM) is a real time feature which calculate number of times blog has been viewed.
This will help each author to understand how many times people have read their individual articles. (Feature is highlighted in blue color in above screenshot)


5. InstantWriter – (Beta version)

InstantWriter is a feature which will allow anonymous writer to write their story quick and aim to bring quick stories from writers who want to just contribute once.

How this feature will benefit to this platform :-

1. Get articles from people who hate to sit on desktop or go through logins stuff
2. Good for people who just want to write one article or share their short story (similar to posting status on Facebook or writing on WhatsApp)
3. People can share their story easily without being called as Author

Know more about this feature:-

  • No revenue share for InstantWriter
  • All the articles coming via this feature will be categorized as  “Instant Article” and only person name will be on top of article.

How this feature works :-

  • Click on URL
  • Just fill the survey like form from your mobile.
  • It will be automatically get converted to proper blog post and will be in Pending Review State.
  • Super easy. No signups no logins.

This feature will not impact actual authors , as Instant Writers will not be paid. So they still have edge over Instant Writers.


Feel free to share any idea or suggestion by writing in comments section.

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