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Smile – A Reason To Live

Find a reason and smile

Have you ever sat and thought of old memories which randomly gush into your mind? What expressions do they bring on your face? The answers to these questions lie within you. The concept of happiness or sadness just depends on your thought process. But Somewhere I feel , key to happiness is nothing but just a smile.

As you might know all living creatures have the ability to hear, smell, taste, laugh, cry but God has gifted a special boon only to humans which is SMILE. So we should make best possible use of it.

Are you really Smiling?

Every morning get up, look in the mirror and smile. Your day will start with positivity. Smile looks more beautiful when it comes naturally. There are millions of instances when you can smile.

You smile when you see your mom greeting you or giving a tight hug. Smile when your favorite person texts or call you. You smile when you get ready and reach your work place on time. Smile when someone praises you,or compliments you. Smile watching a small kid playing with all it’s innocence.

Life is not made worthy and big with big things, but it becomes big when these small things come together.
Smile doesn’t cost any money. It’s the cheapest gift which we can give to any person. So express gratitude with your smile, it feels great when someone is happy just because you made them smile.

Live your dreams

People say words are more powerful than actions, but I feel smile is the simplest gesture which can leave huge impression on others. Sometimes smile is used as a weapon to disguise and ridicule your haters or to seek attention. So make sure to use it wisely and on proper occasions.

Smile is the best ornament any woman can wear and best attitude any man can show. Smiling freshens your mind and body, better your bad mood, look more confident, and also develop new relationship.
Let us always smile for it can relieve your worries, solve many problems and cure any pain. It can also let your enemy change his mind and heel a broken heart.

As someone said it rightly: When life gives you hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have thousand reasons to smile.

So go forward in life with twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face because it could be a reason for many others to smile.

Ruchi Rao
I believe on finding whatever is good in every situation and that fills life with gratitude. It's never too late to instigate new ideas and strive to achieve it. Just hoping for best to happen here..!


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