Smiley’s Smiley’s Smiley’s all over the world!
Are you really Smiling? 
A glimpse at the cafe, and you will see many heads down to their phone tweeting ,texting or Face booking (Without a real face involved ) someone.

Can we actually illustrate our emotions through social media , Smiley’s and Emoticons?

Every other day people are coming up with new apps that have improved versions of  image-rial faces to best fit your mood.

We have forgotten the importance of physical communication. While we are progressing in communication, we have been dragged way behind when it comes to collaboration. A slimy emoticon is capturing human emotions.
How do you feel like today? And you show this.. 

We are now moving to a generation which is becoming “emoticonal” than emotional, where feelings can b restricted to a single dancing, crying or teasing emoticon. The robotic era is not far away that would soon find it difficult to have conversations face to face.

The social networking has only improved the networking and that means you are just another mechanical node which can send  messages across and receive it. There is no personal touch remaining, like in all those conversations we used to have with people gathering and sharing their life experiences. This not only increases your listening skills but you can grow mature when it comes to handling situations in life.

Emotional connection is on the verge of extinction. At the end of the day, nothing can replace face to face heartfelt and sincere communication. Body language, tonal quality and implicit expressions during a conversation make it so lively and impact-full. Human beings are visual creatures and we are forgetting the importance of interpersonal communication thereby stopping ourselves from being human.

Isn’t this one of the few things that distinguishes us from other species on this planet?

Being fun is better than looking for fun
We should teach our future generations the importance of confronting communications. Make them understand the importance of meeting their friends instead of texting them to share their views. Social media makes people trust blindly thus being open about sharing everything. Its restricting us from getting the diverse view points as we talk to only those who agree with our points.
Remember that the experiences ,emotions and feelings cannot be shared through Whats App or mailed to someone. To stand out in today’s world, just be Human!