I said our understanding of love evolves as the understanding of our own mind and body evolves.

As you free yourself from the hormonal grasp, the hitherto understanding of love as pleasant sensation breaks down and the search for new meaning begins.

As you understand that there is an inner life which is infinitely more beautiful than the external appearance, the never ending crave for more and more nuanced surface creases ends.

As you constantly observe your thought patterns, feelings, emotions and become aware of their causative nature, the power of your will increases leaps and bounds.

As your understanding of yourself grows , you start the work of liberating yourself. During the process of liberating yourself , you liberate your love too.

As you learn to laugh at your odds and failures become the bridges that connect the path to your ultimate, you grow patience. Patience to everything.

Patient love is unconditional and un-harming love for oneself. Only when you can love yourself, you can love others.

As your love for yourself grows and as you learn to tend the life within, you turn more and more happier. Happy for no reason. You feel fulfilled. The life within sumptuously fed by your own love for it blooms and seeks out nothing from others. Love without expectations brings in bundles of joy and happiness.

As you go ahead you understand that love is not just about exchanging hordes of assurances and feeling safe and secure in others arms but its about that unflinching and unwavering faith in oneself to go ahead with the love against all odds.

As you get deeper into it you understand that you were unconsciously filling the voids of lonesomeness, missing out factor, negative emotions etc through love also that its reason behind perpetual conflict.

So love happens only when you can love yourself, know yourself, treat yourself well, let go of things that’s past, grow ahead of time and love for no reason.