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How to Stay Calm and Strong When Life Gets Hard

Very easy to say –  Stay Calm and Strong When Life Gets Hard. Let me tell you a story,

It was evening, when I was going back home from college, I always prefer railway as a mode of transport and decided to take a train home.

I boarded the train and soon reached my station.


I had planned to meet my friend as he was going to give me some student discount form. We as students, used to get scholarship from the government. So, without any delay I thought to fill up this form since it could probably save me a few bucks. 😉

Now, I stay on the West side whereas the friend at the east. I had to take that bridge to cross over to that other side and be back again by same bridge. When i was crossing, in a rush, from no where I slipped on the stairs due to the wet floor.


My heartbeat stopped for a sec and I  was embarrassed to see so many people approaching me suddenly and helping me to get off the floor.

I managed to get up myself and avoided showing the pain on purpose, but also thanked them for showing me the gratitude. Ahhh ! That feeling when you don’t know how to behave , should you be angry that you fell, or should you cry cause it hurt, or should you feel sad because you didn’t see your step.. hell lot of feelings!

After all this hard try to seem as normal as possible, I finally met my friend and was successful in pretending  that everything was fine and hiding my bruises since it was my firm decision to standup and not to just sit there and crib about it .

I was in so much pain that I even could not stand, so I just told my friend that I am leaving and left immediately.

I was trying to take some local transportation, but nobody was ready to come from that place to mine due to heavy traffic.

Then I tried calling my brother, but unfortunately to no fruit.

I gave a call to my mom even she did not pick up and Finally my dad answered and told me to reach home safely without any further panic.

Without a second thought, i took his advice.

I gave myself a pat , re-energised myself and started walking on that wild and unending bridge as it seemed at that moment, towards my house , with a ray of hope that I will soon get some help on the way, and I will reach home.


Fortunately I got an auto , and within 15 mins, i reached home. After a few home remedies I was relieved from the pain. I was lucky that I did not get any major injury.

When I think about that moment , I  feel, I had two options during entire Incident – To get panic and get myself into more trouble or to stay calm and face the situation.

I panicked initially but I constantly kept reminding myself of my dad’s words “Stay Calm and Keep Moving”.

In real life also, we face so many unexpected challenges, that we need to solve, I feel we can dilute those with the same technique – Stay calm and try to find a way out.


That small incident taught me, To Stay Strong During Tough Situations, and helped me stay calm under that over alarming locale.

” You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have..”

Bhavin Shah
Studying in I.T Engineering and want to become photographer. Already entered in IT industry by working on Https://

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