I usually travel along with my friend Nikhil Patel on bike to office, but I had to miss my ride with him today because I got a bit late.

So I decided to  travel by train and I took a return ticket thinking that it would help me in  case my friend is not available later while coming back or in case I have to stay back late in the office, and not neglecting that added benefit of skipping that long queue for buying the ticket while returning back.

After all it was all just a matter of 10 rs. I gave myself a pat on my back and smilingly said to myself Smart Move buddy! 😉

The day went as usual and I wanted to reassure myself that I am not gonna miss my ride later , so I called my friend and told  him that I will be coming with you in evening. And he said , it’s fine.

I was relaxed with my assured seat on his bike, and was relieved that now I do not have to travel by train. For me, it was like a door to door journey on his bike as he also resided in my building.

Later in the evening, I went to for snacks and as I was at the cash counter, I found this return ticket that I had bought early this morning. But since I had already planned my return trip with my friend I carelessly, without any second thought discarded this ticket.

And it was dusk.

Suddenly, from no where , it started to rain heavily, and eventually it rained so much that in no time the roads were clogged and started  overflowing.

I waited hopefully for the rain to stop and was upset to see that the rain did not stop even at 7.30 pm , which was the normal time for us to leave the workplace.

My Friend called me, “Hey buddy, it’s very heavily raining, do you have a raincoat ? I unwantingly , said no and asked him to leave as he was having the raincoat and there was no guarantee for the rain to stop.

After an hour around 8.30 pm, the rain stopped and I also started my journey to reach my home.

I took an auto from office to railway station and when I reached railway station , I tried finding that ticket, just to realise it’s absence.

Frustrated now, I started walking towards ticket window and to my surprise was taken aback by a very very long queue which i had smartly thought of skipping in the morning. Now my smart move was turned to a bad move because of my mistake.

I had no option than to stand in that queue to buy that 10 rupee ticket which now had more value because it made me realise, “Sometimes We Don’t Value What We Have Until It’s Gone”

It was like I did not buy that ticket but I earned it. The gist of this blog was to make understand to value the things you have in life. Not only things but more importantly people.

“Love the people who always find a way to be a part of your life.

Recognize their efforts and tell them what they mean to you while they are still alive”