Sushant Singh Rajput – Ek Nayaab Sitara

A very well known celebrity, an awesome actor, a loving personality, a terrific dancer, an intelligent human, a person with a contagious smile and most important (at least for me) – a person with one of the most expressive and talkative eyes ever.
Sushant, you were my most favourite actor of this generation.

For me, and for many people, it feels like a personal loss. And that’s exactly why I still can’t come to terms with it. Every morning, I get up with this void kind of feeling Sushant.

You have left behind so many questions unanswered. Although there are a lot of speculations right now as to what actually compelled you to take this extreme step, we don’t know the truth and probably we will never come to know the entire truth.

It shatters me when I try to imagine as to what all you would have gone through. How and what you would have felt at that very moment which left you with no other option but to end your life.

I strongly believe that finally, you have found peace and happiness wherever you are now
IF……you would have sought help
IF…… would have been stronger
IF…… would have thought about your loved ones
IF……..someone would have sensed your state of mind
IF…… would have just quit this industry and moved to something more worthwhile…….

Then, you would have lived a happy, peaceful and more fruitful life.

You know Sushant, I am usually there when my friends and family need me. But your loss has made me realize that I should try to be available even more for them.


You will be remembered as a passionate dancer
For now, and forever, I will always remember you and love you as –
– Maanav (of Pavitra Rishta)
– Ishaan (of Kai Po Che – my most favourite film of yours)
– Mahi (of MS Dhoni)
– Anni (of Chhichore)
– And as the passionate dancer of Jhhalak Dikhla Jaa.
Dear Sushant : Tu thodi der aur theher jaa zaalima, tu thodi der aur theher jaa…
Note: I used as many colours as possible in this blog to make your peace colourful.