Congratulations!! We have reached a milestone of 1500 kilometres.
It’s not me, it’s not you, it’s we!

We did it guys, we did it. #PowerofTogetherness

As we flashback through the tough time Coronavirus has imposed on us amid lockdown in India, it was a dilemma if we would be able to conquer this one day.

25th March 2020, India was declared under lockdown from this day leaving no scope for passionate runners to step outside their homes.

Running is usually associated as an outdoor sport and it simply cannot be confined to the walls of the house. So, was the case with us when we heard about the lockdown and felt to have lost the freedom of running over these days.

Why not step-in if not out?
With this thought, we, few colleagues from TCS ABN Amro account decided to walk or jog within the home for at least 5 kms each day during this period. The idea seemed worth giving thought and within no time we formed WhatsApp group of 10-15 people wherein everyone agreed to kick start with the plan and stick to it during the duration of lockdown. #21DaysChallenge

WhatsApp group which helps us to stay connected and track progress

The plan was to walk 5 kms consistently for 20 days. Hence each person will be covering 100 kms and with a group of at least 10 members, we can hit a milestone of 1000 kms (later it became 1500km) by the end of lockdown.

Warriors of #1500km Challenge

It is easy to plan, difficult to execute and hard to stick to it.
Seldom did we realise difficulty with the execution of plan since every person was willing to put in efforts daily without any reminders or follow-ups. The hardest part to stick to the plan over a span of 20 days was achieved with everyone actively participating and timely sharing their status making others motivated and focused to the plan.

Living for passion is the latest fashion.

So was the case with us. Our passion for running did not let us quit having reached the milestone of 1000 kms and we still continued this trend to hit another milestone of 1500 km in continuation to the 1000km milestone.

Below testimonials speak more than my words.

Running is not just a sport; it is an art of living. It teaches a lot more than ever imagined.
Each and every individual has a unique experience in this sport.

Once again, this would not have possible without consistent and dedicated efforts of everyone towards achieving this milestone and finishing this challenge. Cheers to all of us!!
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TCS ABN AMRO #1000Km, then #1500km COMPLETED