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TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2018 – Nirav Shah

Number 15 Marathon… As we all know, when we do the same thing multiple times then most of the times we are bound to compare our current result with that of our earlier one. Isn’t it?

Like a normal human being, I too was bound for this comparison as I ran Amsterdam Full Marathon in 2016 and did the same again on 21st October 2018.

You can read my first Marathon Story of 2016 here.

I already knew my target this time in comparison with the previous marathon and focussed to complete it in shorter time span than that taken during last time. I was keen enough towards achieving my goal and quite prepared myself before for this marathon both, physically and mentally.
I ran at least 100 km every month (consecutively last three months) to increase strength, stamina and coach myself for the final take.

Finally, the day arrived, even though I never disclosed the mounting pressure on me to any one of my friends, but now would like to admit that I too had pressure to run good, with good speed and finish this run in stipulated time span only because I did not want to disappoint myself.

Amsterdam – Olympic Stadium

I began my run from Netherlands Olympic stadium, and the atmosphere was much more electrifying than expected. The realization of the crowd and the feel of running the full marathon on the roads of Netherlands, on the side of canals, rivers, on highways, on tram tracks amidst the targets set was just an awesome experience relived once again. I never felt bored at any point in time during my entire tenure even though I was physically tired after some point in time.

Besides, being an Indian did not bother the Dutch people who cheered me and I could hear their motivational voices, “Common Nirav Common you are a superhero. You can do it!”

At this moment I felt my marathon would never have been such a success without people who come to watch runners like us and give a lot of encouragement to the keep the spirit of running alive. Would not deny an important role played by the organizing staff who was constantly busy in supplying water, energy drink, energy bars and so on.

I am obliged to each and every individual who invested their time just to watch my success, to see me run and cheered me to boost my energy and most importantly my friends who were constantly encouraging me and waited at the finish line to capture my success.

I am really thankful to my dear friends: Abisekk, Akhila, Ankita, Anthony, Miley, Nidhi, Pooja, Pragya, Prajakta Radhika, Sagar, Savita (names are in alphabetical order) who were waited so long for tracking my live running timings and location.

Amsterdam Marathon Runner – Group pic #TCSsuperheroes


Would like to share this video “Finishing moment of Marathon” captured by friends which still gives me goosebumps.

Last but not least, this so-called running race with myself was special to me for three reasons mainly:

  • I beat my own records by running much faster (completed in 4hrs and 16mins).
  • Running has now become my identity
  • I realized, self-dedication and determination and motivation and support by others is the key towards a grand success.

And I really believe that anyone can run a half or even a full marathon. It just requires practice, practice and practice.  Once you master this, you are unstoppable.   #TCSAmsterdamMarathon2018  #TCSsuperheroes   #FullMarathon  #Fit4Life

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂


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