“A good deed brightens a Dark World “

I being a TCSer salute this TCS Mumbai Maitree’s initiative to curb the waste management and make India a better country to be in. The TCS Mumbai Maitree team including Prince Dsouza, Sierra Vaz, Saikumar Iyer, the brilliant heads behind this drive have always been there, standing tall no matter what. Hundreds of participants joined this initiave early in the morning, Thank you for encouraging us and making us a part of your visualization of better and waste-free India.

It was after Ganpati Visarjan that, I noticed how ugly the streets looked. I was thinking how could bappa leave us with such a mess around us. I asked the massive idol of bappa going back in the truck “Aren’t you also the god of cleanliness? How could you leave us with such a ton of plastic, thermacol and concrete debris.”

And as helpless Bappa seemed, I realized that this is not what he wants. We created the waste and not him.

Last time, in 2017, when I visited the Versova beach (one of the busiest beaches for Ganpati visarjan), I felt extremely disappointed by looking at the condition of the sea. Garbage, Plastic and idol debris loathed the beautiful waves of the Sea. Lakhs of people visit this beach for Visarjan and only hundreds come the next day to clean the garbage.

TCS Mumbai Maitree team collects garbage from the ocean. Hats off

Ganpati is one of the biggest festivals in Maharashtra. India is a religious country, and that sometimes gives you license to be unethical. In the face of religion, we turn a deaf ear to environment awareness, cleanliness , sound pollution and all major issues.

“Everything is fair in God and Festival”, a realistic metaphor to love and war. After all, how can an eco friendly Ganpati make you feel religious? Until, a load of plaster and plastic is used, until a lot of paper and wood is wasted, until the sea dumped garbage is well enough to destroy the tiny little sea creatures, how can we feel religiously satisfied? We just want to make Bappa happy.  But do we know what makes him happy? Have we ever tried to ask him?

TCSers are on CSR duty

I don’t think, a god of intelligence would ever like the birds dying due to the polluted air, or an animal being afraid, of the noise of the fire cracker. People might be cruel but their God is not. Why there has to be someone who cleans the plastic after pouring the liters of milk over the idol? Why can’t we be the owner of our own actions? 

If you want to make him happy, take care of what he has created. And that’s what I was here again at this beach today for. To take care of his own big beautiful Sea Shore of Versova. I can see a lot of garbage and filth here today, but I can also sense a visible improvement.

But the situation was no different. Hundreds of people from different organisations, trying to erase the massive destruction these thousands did. There are always more people causing trouble than people trying to nullify it.

I know that the Sea, the birds, the animals, the streets, the air might also be asking the same question to bappa. “Are you really the god of cleanliness?”

Lets move from being just a Consumer to Contributor to this Society. Remember that in order to change it should start with I and YOU.

TCS Mumbai Maitree team on Varsova Beach Clean – Proud TCSer
Thanks to everyone who joined in this TCS Mumbai Maitree mission and hoping that one day we would understand what Bappa really wants. And Trust me He only expects Good Deeds…!  
TCS Mumbai Maitree team also distributed T-Shirt and breakfast box for volunteers after finishing with the drive.  Let’s help our Society for the betterment and ultimately make our homes a better place to live in.

Let’s (C)are for our country (T)ogether by (S)haring our contribution towards betterment. 

Share your contribution too !!