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The 50 km Ultra Marathon story – Success or Failure- upto You!

Have you ever achieved something exceptional ? And by exceptional I don’t mean getting admitted to NASA or climbing up the Mt. Everest or serving as prime minister for your country. Of course they are exceptional but there can be more to being exceptional.

My definition of accomplishment is deep satisfaction. It is when we do something what we plan.

We always try to be better in every situation. Better than what we were yesterday. Learning each day and getting stronger to face new challenges. And this happens with everyone. But have you ever noticed that this process of betterment comes naturally to us when passion is the incentive? Yes, it is indeed passion that can make you find your purpose in life. It is my passion that takes me miles away on the road to success. Running is in my veins.

So what is this Ultra Marathon all about?

As you can see, Lonavala Varsha Marathon starts in Fog

A marathon journey which covers more than 42 km, is a Ultra Marathon. As I already ran the Full Marathon (42km) , it was time to achieve something bigger and something that can elevate my eagerness for achievement. Adding those 8 extra miles , not only increased my curiosity and hope for betterment but also increased my value for life. Every breath I take while I run, is a sign that I am till alive and assures me that I am capable of something more.

This desire of wanting to do more, carved my way to this Ultra marathon event. There are  lots of half and full marathons but it was difficult to find the UltraMarathon that could satiate my passion for running. Finally, an opportunity “Lonavala Varsha Ultra Marathon” knocked my door and I was all ready to grab it. So I decided to run this “Lonavala Varsha Ultra Marathon” (50Km) starting from famous Lions point. This marathon was to be held at the SAHARA AMBEY VALLEY ROAD, Lonavala, Maharashtra.

I was delighted and contented after registration. Most of the time my race day does not end as expected. Either I rush myself or I slow down unexpectedly. This time I wanted to perform as an athlete who comes with his own strategy and plan. I wanted to follow the cricket strategy, with team and captain coming in with 50 overs plan on the field. That’s how I expected to run my 50 kms.

Each km as my one over.

Sharing moments with other runner – Covered 12km in rain till this moment

Plan was simple, to start slow at 10Km/hr and keep drinking water at every 3 km.
I wanted to utilize all the energy and drink stations on my way and refill my body with fluids during the marathon. I did not carry any extra things as, it would keep me less burdened and more focused. Looks simple , right ? Yes. Because I wanted to keep it simple.

Fast forward , during the race day, the first distraction was the Rain, which was of course out of my control. Being calm was the only option I could choose. I just kept my head engaged with the green memories of the green hills around me. I hardly kept any space for disgust and discomfort that would arise out if the situation. Talking about the Run, it wasn’t that easy. The uphill roads were quite challenging for my gut and gluts. But the trophy kept me going.

Instead of 50km run, I was able to finish 25km run.

I completed 25km and could see a crowd standing in front of me , happy to cheer the runners and motivate them. But which also meant that the ’50 km’ was a roundabout track. Route was hilly and felt very tough in first 25km, and has to go through second lap in same route is where my mind gave up.
I felt it more discouraging than the rain. Had it been an unseen and unknown road may be I would have gone for it. Because of pain, toughness and mind gave up, I understood that day, the negative reflex mind is the strongest one to keep u away from the goal. It is very hard to convince it to keep going.

I quit at that very moment, and the feeling of failure filled my heart. Never could I imagine that I would give up on my passion so easily. I had failed first time. I did not quit any marathon earlier. Disappointment can bring in a lot of learning. I knew I had not completed the marathon but I was not going to give up. I will again prepare myself for my next milestones and try to achieve them. Sometimes it very important to fail, so that you realize where you lack and start the repairing from there.

It is not important to win every time, but it is indeed important to learn.

This day will be very special to me for two reasons :

  1. I failed the marathon and it only will make me come as more stronger. The pain will only make me stronger
  2. It was my first ever Ultra Marathon and my first baby step towards 100k Marathon.
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