Millennial’s would say they are more happy and fortunate than their predecessors. Yes probably because they can order food online without a hassle of climbing down the stairs. And of course they can listen to those Shakira’s songs, with a single click. And what else? They can voice their opinions without asking anyone through the social media. Life has become so easy and great!. But has it become good? I mean Just look at them !
They have so much to boast for . But is it so ?

Mostly all of them are in IBM (Infinite Browsing Mode). IBM has stuck us primarily because we have everything we need, in abundance. Want a cola? just a click away. Missed your live episode? No problem. Just check it out on the phone. Going through a breakup? Get someone new on a dating app. Everything is so easily available that we have forgotten to even wait. Patience is on the verge of extinction.

We have endless options and we cannot choose. We have multiple people but we cannot talk. We keep on searching for the best, just to be ultimately unhappy with what we have. Now while we say this, it becomes quite difficult to make the generation understand this. It is our perspective that the IBM is affecting them. They are so much engrossed in this that they hardly even know the impact.  It’s essential to come out of IBM and make the most out of what we have than regret and complain of what we don’t have .

I read a quote saying “Children don’t listen , they see !”. So I think it’s important that we also see to how we are impacting our future generations.

Being ambitious is different than being in IBM where in former case one is goal and target oriented . In latter case one is just discontent in spite of reaching the top or achieving his target .
Primarily envying others and comparing yourself with them leads to IBM. And consequently people just stretch more than they could .

Millennial’s need to understand difference between needs and wants which can definitely help them to come out of IBM . 

Every generation has their own struggle they say. I guess “No actual problems” has made this generations find or rather create some for themselves. They need to go out and face real problems than sitting at home and finding a murderer in the game. They need to kick that football themselves in the field or rather fall once, before they press a button to kick the opponent to lose the match.

It is important to create this awareness for our generation and indulge in some good things to make a good life. And through my bog I wish to do the same. Let’s be the change that we want to see!