“Karma” a word having Sanskrit origin, means the result of peoples actions or actions themselves. Holding equivalence to Newton’s law “Every action has equal and opposite reaction”, this word is the considered to be the cause and effect of one’s action.

The concept I want to explain is different and I believe most of the people in the world do not know or understand it correctly about karma. The things that happens to us i.e. good, bad, best, worst, normal etc is solely because of our actions in the past.

Having said “past”, it does not simply denote to the time you were born. When it comes to “Karma”, it keeps an account of your time beyond your birth. In other words, whatever that is incoming in your life, is only due to your outgoings. sometime earlier in our life-death cycle.

Now let’s try see this with an example. I started for office and while traveling in my car a auto dashed me. This incident struck me bad. Before I realized, a series of harsh words hit him like a heavy wind on the window panes. I asked him 2500 Rs as well, as compensation. Here, in anger and disgust, I failed to realize that whatever happened with me, was due to my past dues (which was to happen for sure). I did not keep a note of the way I reacted. The positive or negative actions got added to my Karmic account .

Let’s assume that before this accident my karmic account was +500. I assume that I have done at least some good and positive deeds. After this event my karmic account value will become +500-300=+200. That was because you chose to respond harshly and blame the person for the situation. In case you had RESPONDED positively by letting go the auto driver,the story would be different. Had you expressed gratitude for no injury, then calculation would bee different. You could also have mutually agreed to settle the amount for losses. In that case, the karmic account balance would have been +500+300= +800.

The universe accurately  takes care of the the quantification of these values . The karma executes it at it’s time without fail. The balances of karmic accounts have been rolled over for so many earlier births now and is continuously being updated for each and every responses/reactions we exhibit in our present.

This means that our life or destiny is only because of us and no one else is accountable for it. We are conditioned to take revenge as we think the other person hurt us. This is not true actually, we should make a note that this was his karma too. This viscous circle continuous and we are the one’s continuing it.

One of the salient feature of this law is the timing of execution. Karma can bestow past dues upon us anytime. Hence when we come across such events we blame the other person. The other person is representing your past dues but is not responsible for it. Not need to mention that  this rule applies to the other person also in this cycle. The other person’s actions in this scenario, accordingly updates their own karmic accounts.

One needs to accept the birth reincarnation to accept this law. With new birth comes new body and with no more old memories that exist,lets start a new journey of life. The  karmic baggage we came with may be positive/negative. Lets think about the future and make it positive for the next birth.

More the positive balance, more happier the life and vice-versa.