Scientist dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.

My life as an engineer has been quite tedious and memorable as well. I recollect hearing a popular saying that goes with engineers – “Everyone can do engineering nowadays“. It is easy said than done.

An engineer knows it all!

Here I’am going to post about the stressful and painful life of an Engineer. The first 3 years of an engineer’s life are the memorable and fun days. Roaming around as you are the king, is what I miss the most. You don’t even realize how the days pass by, flattering and fawning each other. The pen fights, the silly jokes, bunks and the burgers filled our days at college.

Nothing makes an Engineer more productive than “Last Minute”

This was our tagline .lol ! The last minute assignment completion, project, studies, building and maintaining relationships and what not, these are the general and most common de facto for all engineers worldwide. All was fun and felt relaxed, till the big day arrived. The date of our fate and our destiny, as though we were born for this! and this was the only purpose of our life.

Campus placements
Campus placements

Campus placements!. The battle that each and everyone of you have faced. A college guy acted insouciant about this , saying “I’m going to pursue my further studies” and did not have any interest in these placements. These guys may be focused but often battle some inner conflicts when compared to others.  Some guys are not that intelligent but just depend on their divine luck for placements and , Alas! they even get selected.

Nothing is more painful than seeing your friend getting selected and not you.

A true human psychology that i came to know that day!. There are people who studied hard for the entire year, never had any backlogs and got selected for the campus. I kept on murmuring “The one who shed’s their blood and sweat throughout their life accompanying several hardships are the ones who don’t get anything!”. And what happens with such people? At the end such people get demoralized . Life hits them hard in the face. They start feeling that its end of the world and that nothing good is going to happen anymore to them.

The major problem I found or i can say the devil is the Aptitude test. 100’s of bright and brave candidates get rejected by this. First and foremost reason behind this is that they don’t practice and take it lightly and the second one is that they are way too smart to give that test. Now, those who cleared the first round may shed tears in the second round. As it’s not necessary that the one’s who cleared the very first are selected because they haven’t done the course properly or they just mugged up!


The point is that these candidates who got rejected feel a huge sense of loss. It is the responsibility of the family or the people close to them, to take care of them. It is very common to feel dejected but it is very important, as to what you do after that. You have to get up once you fall. It might be painful but this is life and that you have to be strong enough to accept it. Engineering has not only taught me to enjoy, but has also made me strong enough to face and overcome challenges in my life.

This is a world of both winners and losers. Winners only know to win but losers know their strengths and ability and thereupon they act intelligently.

Engineering is not only study of 45 subjects, but it is moral studies of intellectual life !