Although the society seems to be quite against cannabis consumption and people considering it as something so sinful I had been somehow drawn to this wonderful green flower.
Cannabis plant

I was tempted to taste this mind-blowing cannabis, as our natural mentality always draws us to things that are not meant to be done or considered legal. I was curious to know what effect it brings on me.

“Weed effects me”…I said to my friend who were my partner in crime while getting lost in the divine fumes of cannabis.
I would like to mention some personal impacts that I faced and experienced using “weed”.
Negative effects:
*Create bad impression against majority of the population
*Over eating
*Unwanted marketing
*Deep thinking
*Affraid of legality
*Can’t smoke in public
*1 negative trip sucks
*Change in people perception against u
Positive effects:
*Satisfactory sleep
*Pain relief
*Intelligent conversations
*Improve humour
*Reduce tension
*Improve heart purity
*Fantastic appetite
*Better thinking
*Improve Perfection
*Improve driving skills
*Become God lover
*Become Music lover
*Talent recognition ability
*Better digestion
*Improve water consumption
*No hangover next morning
*Satisfactory motion
*Self realisation
*Make people laugh
lost in the moment

This incident was a thriller and breathtaking moment for me but I feel negative or rather distinct stories have more remembrance as compared to the positive or normal ones. Isn’t it?

The point that I want to mention through my story is…“We can always choose what is right and what is wrong for us”. Don’t let people scare you by their thoughts. Never be under a wrong impression because of others influences. Learn form your mistakes. Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing. So be curious ,try new things and then form an opinion about it rather  than accepting others opinion beforehand.  I am not encouraging any life threatening activities but the point is to  be always curious to know and understand things rather than being blank minded about it.

Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked “WHY?” . So go ahead. Stay hungry, stay foolish.
Do you have any such thriller instances? You can share with me. I would love to know your learning and achievements.