Wonderful habits keep your mind and soul fresh. Below I will list down three habits we should regularly follow to achieve mental satisfaction and happiness.

 1. Care for People Under You
There are so many people we come across everyday who are under you > financially, physically or mentally. Go, say Hi to your building watchman or any other person whom you frequently meet/see and ask about their wellbeing. They will feel good and you, by making your surroundings feel happy, make your inner soul find peace.

2. Ask for forgiveness
In Jainism, every year they celebrate festival by greeting each other “Michhami Dukkadam” – meaning – “I ask for forgiveness if in case i have hurt you unintentionally”.

Its Simple , lets not be egoistic in life.Ego and happy soul are exact opposites and you also know that! So, why be egoistic? If you are at fault, ask for forgiveness – Only people with guts can do that or let me re-frame it – People who feel their soul,can ask for forgiveness.

3. Say – “Thank You”
Thanking for everything we get is the best habit one should definitely follow to make our soul feel content. Our soul needs satisfaction – and only we can satisfy our soul. Thanking for smallest thing to God or to the people around can help you feel free from obligations. Try saying “Thank You” for everything. Make it a habit and you will start loving your surroundings so much because your soul will feel you are getting so much from people around you that make it happy.

Lets try to follow these simple 3 points and I am sure, everyone of us will be so happy