It happens with me and I’m positive, it happens with all of us that every tiny mistake we make, brings out a plethora of inferiority complexes harboured inside of us. Even a small slip is an addition to a possibly long list of our past blunders. We never forget and we never really forgive ourselves for it.

We treat ourselves with utmost criticism and unnecessary resentment and if someone else treats us the same way, we get hurt. WHY?

Being self-critical helps in analyzing our behavioural patterns and flaws that might need attention. But we need to be really careful and draw a line between self-criticism and self-doubt. When analyzing our flaws becomes too much, our flaws seem much bigger than they actually are. We start overthinking which never leads to good results and we start feeling everything wrong happening with us is because of who we are.

It is our head that is messed up. It is our psychology that says we failed because we didn’t deserve. It is our mind that keeps re-iterating that every time we land in trouble.

And we eventually become the victims of our own minds. We forget the good that we’ve accomplished and brood upon what couldn’t be achieved. Why do we always get so stuck up on failures that we never really focus on how many little wins we have made.

This is not a nice feeling and we have all been through it at some point or the other in our lives. And these thoughts will keep coming because as I said, we tend to always end up over criticizing ourselves. It seems that we set our expectations so high that we ourselves are not able to fulfil them.

How do we deal with it is the real question?
How do we ensure that when we make mistakes, it doesn’t demotivate us?
How do we ensure that we do not let any shortcomings get the better of us?
How do we ensure that we build up confidence and not start lacking it because of a stupid mistake we made?
How do we ensure we do not get intimidated by people we hold high in regard?
And lastly,
How do we be happy and satisfied with what we’ve achieved and praise ourselves for the efforts we made?

The answer to all these questions is a simple word: BELIEVE

All we need to do is believe in ourselves and understand that ERR IS HUMAN

Even the brightest of minds have made blunders, our bosses have struggled to reach where they are, most people have started stupid, there have always been hiccups before success and trial and error is actually an adapted method for learning.

In short, mistakes are proof that we tried. Mistakes are proof that we didn’t give in. They make you a better person if you learn from them and go on.

Embracing our flaws and learning from errors is the right way ahead;
If we believe in ourselves, and set our expectations straight;
Understand that everything may not work out just as we want but take life as it comes;
Give it our best shot and accept whatever life has to offer;
Keep fighting to get better, keep up our confidence;
Set goals and work hard for them;
Take pride in ourselves and reflect it with confidence on the outside;
I am sure things will change for the better.

Only when we believe in ourselves, does the world believe in us.

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of being a self-assured human being.

If you are just this, every other good thing simply follows.