“A book is worth a thousand friends”

Fiction or non-fictional, drama or satire, romance or mystery , biography or autobiography.

Be it any book, the only thing common to all these books is “knowledge”.

Books are an incredible source of knowledge. Books can be your mentor, a friend, a philosopher and a guide.

A leader is one, who believes in continuous self-improvement, not to forget which per se is the biggest advantage of reading is. Reading increases your vocabulary and also your awareness. Training your mind is as important as training your body.

What a soul it would be, who has it’s mind and body in sync.

So let’s throw some light on the direct benefits of reading that aids for developing a leadership quality.

1. Reading broadens your horizon

Reading through different books, can help you to become more aware about people, their culture and their thought process. “If you only read the books that others are reading, you will only end up thinking what others are thinking.

So maximize your boundaries and make the best use of them.

2. Reading is the food for thoughts

Reading can change the way you think and perceive things in life. All the decisions you take, all the discussions you do, are somewhere influenced by your reading.


3. Read to Lead

People, who read, have a better sense of handling issues than others. The increase in the ability of learning new things increases the chances of solving vivid problems that life throws back at your face. A leader does not create followers , but creates more leaders. And reading is one such way to facilitate the leaders.

4. Read to believe

Very few things can give you the combined pleasure of fun and motivation. We always have a set of believed rules and notions. Read on the topics that fall on the opposite side of what you think. You would get a firm reason to believe what you believe and also a freedom to change what you think needs to be changed by reading topics you don’t know about.

A leader inspires and motivates people to achieve a vision. You can motivate and inspire others. If you are inspired, if you have the confidence about your vision, if you have the ways to see your vision a success, you can for sure impress someone. So read on to excel at all this.. 

“All the readers are not leaders, but all the leaders are surely readers”.