It all starts from the day we realize that everyone of us have the gift of transforming our dreams and visions into reality.

“Mind – The Camera Of Our Life “ – When you focus on what you need , you will capture it perfectly in your life!!

This is not just another blog on positive thinking , But a blog of personal experience. Our Mind always tends to focus on what we fear about and what we do not have, This constantly registers in the subconscious mind , Creating Space For Negativity which Scatters your focus on  what you – Actually Dream”.

My Experience :-

How I Got Educated /Enlightened About This?

A visit to a family friend’s house , where some of their practices seemed unusual to me . Every room I saw had a board with many pictures and quotes. From a jewellery design to a specific car model and had lines that “I am going to beach with my family in my new honda car “ (Believing that this wish was already realized). On asking about this they told me ,” this might seem crazy to anyone,  but trust me try once, You will not be disappointed “.
For me with the challenges and situation surrounded me , All I wanted was some ray of hope for me to  persist living. Every day I wrote what I wanted , kept telling myself to believe that my wishes are already realized. Initially it was very difficult as I was a person flooded with negative thoughts! But when things started working for me , This seemed a miracle !!!

Some of Biggest wishes have already been realized and many more happening now !!
  • Got my dream job
  • I have overcome the worst  financial crisis of my family
  • I have Been to Switzerland ( My deep – seated Dream destination)

This has not happened to me just like some magic. But It was a combination of the decisions that I made ,trust on myself and definitely some “miraculous “choices that came my way .

Try this Experiment , At least on one of your wishes…There is nothing that you will be losing out of it!!   Trust me it’s  the best habit that I have ever cultivated.

Three easy steps to activate your magic wand :

1. Write your wishes..

Write or even repeatedly  tell yourself what you want , Your goals, ambitions and wishes.  When you write your goals , You will have clarity and your subconscious mind concentrates on your needs.

2. Keep dreaming on what you want , imagining you have already got it..

Dream on how you decorate your living room , Imagine taking family pictures in your dream destination. Give life to your wishes, Your mind will make it tangible!

3. Stick pictures/Symbolize your wishes and Keep seeing it regularly..

A poster of your preferred fitness personality , A picture of your favorite holiday spot , Model of your dream house, It can be Anything that you dream about.

If you Clearly, Intentionally and  Faithfully focus on what you want, eventually it will be yours!!!

Let it be a simplest thing you wanted ,till your lifetime goal .

Visualize It , Dream it , Believe It

Be realistic on your thoughts .. Absolute Unreal things might not happen!!

So unseal “The Camera of your Life “ to  “Live Your Best Life &  Create Your Destiny”

Finally If many of us could dream  and believe on living in a peaceful world , eventually it is going to happen.