As I sat and my time I was passing by
I thought what all can money not buy

From my childhood I remembered a story
About a poor man living in a hut and a rich man living in a bungalow multi storeyed

The poor man’s hut was in front of the bungalow of the rich man
From his balcony the rich man saw how satisfied the poor man was and wondered how he can

Just to test, the rich man gave to the poor man a bag with money full
Seeing that the poor man was very happy and delightful

He did not need the money still he got it
He thought what all things could he buy with it

But his happiness was short lived as night came
As his whole attention and peace of mind the money bag claimed

He believed
His money bag could be thieved

For the first time in his life, the whole night he did not sleep
An eye on the money bag he did keep

The next day along with the bag he went straight to the rich man’s gate
Giving it back to the rich man he said
‘Oh rich man! With your money I know many things I can buy
But I realised with it, a good night’s sleep and peace of mind I can never buy’

‘I might not have the luxuries you have
But two square meals a day and a roof over my head definitely gives me the satisfaction that I need to have’

We earn to live not live to earn
So once in a while do things which money can’t earn
Help somebody, smile more, learn
Be happy in life’s all twists and turns !!!