The innocence of a Child is one thing that gives true happiness in today’s world.
From childhood to adolescence, we were well sheltered by the people around us. But today when i face the world i have just one question in my mind.Where am I?
A stream of thoughts run through my mind when i experience the so called World.
Why is this world so bad.Why have people gone so selfish today that they do not value anything more than money.Why is it that Humanity has just become a topic to be talked about.

The most precious thing been given the least importance and the least precious given the most.

Today we do not value relations as much as we value money.We have forgotten how our parents have nurtured us. We have forgotten the principles imbibed in us.
In this very poor world where economy is said to be always boosting, I say we need to ask our conscience, is the world in which we are living truly the natural world that we would have wanted or its just a virtual image to keep us satisfied all the times?

I feel lost and devastated in this ruthless epitome. We are so into our world’s that we don’t bother to see others. Climbing on the ladder of so called success, we seldom turn back to see who we left behind and who needs us. We forget that we need to take them with us. Man has always been the most selfish creation of this universe. All other creations in some way are advantageous. But Man, even though been given the supreme intelligence and hence complete power, has lost his meaning and purpose. They hardly know and are in touch with their conscience or think before what they do.

The worst part is that we know this and still refrain from taking corrective steps to change the way we see, do or achieve things. We wake up and don’t know what to do. Every animal knows what he needs to do in order to survive. And he does exactly what is needed. Living life happily doesn’t require much of things. He thinks money is the ultimate thing that can make him live his life. Although partially true, it can make you survive but never make you happy. Can you eat money when you are hungry? Can you take it on a stroll when you feel lonely? No. It cannot be the basic need of a human. But somehow we assume it to be.

It’s also important to understand that money is important along with the people. You cannot share things with money, you will need friends for that. Isn’t it? Money can be only an facilitator. Not a goal itself.

But here comes the best part. We always talk about humanity in a negative light .  The best part however about being human is that you can rectify your mistakes, after all, this world is an outcome of our thought, expressions and doings. We form it.

We are all like the mother for the existence of this world. In someway also the creator of this entire manifestation. And a mother doesn’t give up on her baby. A mother may be tired, worried, or at times angry and frustrated by her children. But she never gives up on them. So we have to take this into account individually and at least try to make this world a better place to live. It is humans who create the ‘humanity’. And it is mother who creates a human.

So the next time someone asks, I look out for just an answer to, Where am I he should look nowhere else than himself.