The 21st century and everything is readily made available. With the upcoming technology life is even better and more worthy. We have everything from basic to luxury that can be controlled by one single piece of this technology called as the “Mobile Phones”.

Has technology brought us closer?

Let me give you a quick introduction about this handy device. In the late 2000’s it was majorly used for text message and making phone calls. Later as the time passed advanced minds got into it and it is recently named as “Smart Phones”. It can act smart according to you, and in turn also make you act according to it. It can schedule your appointments, it can book you a cab, it can make your payments faster, it makes you watch videos, listen to music. And most important of all the social medias like Twitter, Facebook can be carried along with you anywhere anytime. It has become ubiquitous and has a significant impact on your life.

While in all these scenarios you look down deep into your device all time. and guess what? Its not about the law of gravitation by sir Issac Newton. Is there any way you can get your heads up? Alas! i forgot to mention the “Selfie” which is the most useful feature for getting teenagers heads up.

Can we only express our emotions through smileys?

As soon as he wakes up, the eyes roll on to this new smart phone.  They don’t even realize how their time is eaten up by technology in a bitter way. Blankets nowadays are known to multitask with not only keeping warm but also hiding the bright light of the phone. This is undoubtedly disturbs their routine as well as their growing phase. They light rays emitting from these have significant impact on their retina making them wear spectacles at an early age.

One major problem our age group people would be facing immensely  would be“Text Neck” which is the abnormality of the spine development from the lower disc position. This could be a serious injury to them resulting into brain dead situations or just a addict over phone sacrificing their career and dreams. This has merely developed as a new age culture in the today’s world.

Even a 5 year old kid nowadays gets mobile phone or a tablet PC instead of the traditional toys . We no longer see kids playing at the ground. We have created digital grounds and we want them to grow strong logically. The scars that we used to get while we used to fall , used to teach us something. To stand up even though we fall. But now there are no physical scars but only mental ones. We are making our children scar free or rather we are scarring them mentally.

We want this world filled with handsome men and beautiful women and not robots controlled by this tiny device. Television didn’t transform education. Neither the Internet will. I feel there is so much information around that we have started losing our common sense. so lets use technology to an advantage and lets not let it overrule our intelligence.