Ever looked at bee-hives and wondered how the tiniest of living creatures manage to create the most exquisite of houses for themselves?
How they constantly work towards one goal, no matter what.
How they know their way for sure and do not deviate come what may.
Those are insects, with lesser developed brains than us and yet they somehow have a much better clarity of life !

We humans are the ace species presumably, we know everything, we have all our steps calculated, we consider all probabilities before taking a decision. Yet, we spend an entire lifetime contemplating our futures, silently harbouring a fear of losing it all on the way.
We continue to thrive in our indecisiveness towards a steady lifestyle and usually end up repenting the path we take.

It may interest you how I managed to derive the analogy.
Well, here’s the story!

I got back home from a weekend away and quietly sat on the balcony, sipping tea, when I noticed a swarm of bees gathered right beside me. I was scared and startled and ran back inside.
How could there be so many bees on my balcony?
And is it possible that they were building a home there?

I decided to let the questions wait till morning and went off to sleep.

That morning I woke up early out of curiosity and rushed towards the balcony for a quick rendezvous.

This was the first time I saw bees so up close, they were thousands in number, big sized, flying formula speed here and there.
I gazed at them and they didn’t even care. They fluttered around creating a perfect honeycomb on a spot on the balcony, carefully guarding it.
I was scared that they might harm me,friends and relatives asked me get them destroyed as soon as possible. Such finesse, such intricacy, it got me impressed.

Amazing mass of honey

But I was more intrigued now and less scared. I saw them for an entire day and they didn’t care about me. Not one tried to harm me in any way. All they focussed on was creating a spectacular honeycomb to store their nectar supplies.

I decided to host them for a few days, not because I wanted the honey or because I couldn’t find a way to shoo them away, but because I wanted to witness the strength and resilience they embodied.
I wanted to see their progress, watch them closely, study their immense workmanship. 

Those days, I went up on the balcony daily, watching them tediously running for nectar and turning it into honey. I saw hundreds of them dying in the process and others simply continuing knowing they may not even live to savour what they were saving.

I had them for two weeks during which I learnt a lot about them.
They knew I meant no harm and never harmed me in any way.
Their journey seemed incredible, it seemed powerful.
They seemed extremely focussed and dedicated towards their work.
They were all a bunch of hard working beings, living for an ultimate goal.
Watching them made me feel positive and happy and energised.

It is then that I started drawing the analogy and realised how these little organisms lived a more meaningful, worthy life than humans.
How they were always brave and hardworking and never affected by success or failure. How they never stopped believing in their goals and how well they lived the lives they had…!!

We humans, we crib about every little failure that comes our way.
And have ample excuses for living our lives with all those failures.
We always highlight the problems instead of looking for solutions to them.
We always want an amazing life, and have no idea how to work for it. !!

It is so simple, yet so complicated..
We are the masters of our own destiny, why can’t we learn this simply and have a life of content, greatness and happiness.

Why can’t we work hard towards our goals?
And stop focussing on our problems.
Why can’t we learn from failures?

Why can’t we “BEE STRONG”!!


No more honey bees

After 14 days, the society management had them removed, and saying they were dangerous poisonous animals and their honey was taken away. They didn’t stop even when their house was destroyed. They started from scratch at a different balcony this time and the society waited again for another few days because they could destroy their home and use their honey….AGAIN..!!
And I know the cycle would continue…………….