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‘Why I Love My Father’: A Father’s Day Tribute

The greatest gift you can give someone, is believing them .. And that is what dad does with me

I remember those days when he used to take me to the hairdresser on every Sunday evening. I just cried when i lost my hair and so taking a seat besides me , he made his hair short too. My heart felt weeping also got me some perks. He could buy me all the toys on my way home. I was playing around a small razor blade, which got into my palm and started bleeding and within no time he rushed me to the hospital.

He is none other than my “FATHER”.

A father is someone whom you look upto no matter how tall you grow

I would say that, God cannot be everywhere and so he made Fathers. “Daddy’s Girl” and “Mumma’s Boy”, though I could not split the fraction of love in equal halves to both. It’s been always a concern for all the Dads around the world regarding their child’s future. Right from my childhood he was concerned about my education and he was worried like all other dads do.

His dream was to make me an Engineer but, Mamma’s dream was to make me a Doctor. During that time I wasn’t mature enough to take decisions since I believed that dad’s decision would not go wrong I followed his path. On the other hand I cannot disappoint my mother and so I took the role of a home nurse in my house. When either of them feels ill I look after them and I take the equal amount of pain that they took. He used to get me up in the early morning before sun rises tricking that you are late by time just to be punctual in life in all aspects. While during late night studies he checks me every now and then whether I slept or not. When I cried he melted like a candle from inside but I never seen his tears.

A father never expresses his feelings.

Mom always reminds me not to cross dad’s decision.  When mom falls ill he takes up the position to take care of us. The pain, the hardships and the struggle he does every day cannot be compared to anything. All dads have a significant role in each of their child.

When I do something great or achieve something in life he never expresses it in words.  I know that, in his heart deep down inside there is a place for my recognition. He doesn’t want his child to be carried away with that attitude and settle for less. He makes a fun way of expressing his opinions and feedback on my accomplishments so that I do not get carried away and reminds me there are other things in this world you yet need to know. That’s the chemistry between us.

Even he knows this and I know this. But to regulate it and not to fall on emotional grounds the other side is always better. I dedicate this article to my Dad to let him know that I have no hatred only endless love for all he did to me till whatever I am today.

A good father is one of the most unsung, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. Happy Father’s Day, papa!

Any Man can be a father but it takes special person to be a DAD…!

Ranji Raj
Hello Readers, I'm a passionate teacher and an engineer by profession currently pursuing a Master's degree in Germany. Love to learn languages and also an author of 4 books of Mumbai University. Plus I am a video creator at YouTube where I showcase my skills in teaching 25000+ students.  

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