(T)ogether.(C)aring.(S)haring is a blog which will imbibe you with qualities of being (T)ogether with the people of the world, (C)are for everyone and (S)hare your life with them. Follow us to change your life – Let The Inspiration Be Alive !!

We are aiming on “(T)ogether we must (C)are for each other and (S)hare with everyone whatever we have” Every person has their own stories and own style to motivate others.

1. Why Should I Write For You?

As we repeat, Every person has their own stories and own style to motivate others. The blogs which you will write will have advertisement on your each blog and this platform will generate revenue from your blog. This is the platform who want to (S)hare their revenue with you not only one time, but for the lifetime.

2. How Will I Get Benefit From Your Platform?

We have built model called as “BlogSense DRS (Distributed Revenue Sharing)” through which revenue will be distributed to you continuously (forever).

3. What Is BlogSense DRS (Distributed Revenue Sharing)

BlogSense DRS (Distributed Revenue Sharing) is a powerful way to attract blogger or author to build your community on platform. Platform will distribute 70% of revenue to each author from total revenue generated by their blogs on every month. You heard it right, it is 70% – That is huge.

4. How BlogSense DRS (Distributed Revenue Sharing) Works?

BlogSense DRS will monitor revenue generated by each blog and the same will be distributed to owner of each blog forever on monthly basis.

How Revenue will be calculated every month?

Person A has written two blogs :-

Blog1 => Total revenue generated from this blog is 10$ in one month

Blog2 => Total revenue generated from this blog is 5$ in one month

Person B has written one blog :-

Blog3 => Total revenue generated from this blog is 20$ in one month Means, this platform has earned total 35$ (10+5+20) from all blogs.

Now this is the best part of BlogSense DRS model. We do not want to keep this earning with us. We want to (S)hare 70% of this revenue to all the owners of blogs every month.

How Revenue will be distributed every month?

Person A has helped to generate revenue of 15$ in one month to this platform.

Hence, Person A will get 70% of 15$ = 70*15/100 = 13.5$ for that month

Person B has helped to generate revenue of 20$ in one month to this platform

Hence, Person B will get 70% of 20$ = 70*20/100 = 14$ for that month.

This calculation will be done every month, so the post written by you will stay forever and generating revenue every day. Hence you will earn every month for each blog.

5. How Will I Able To See Revenue Figures For My Blog?

Go to Account > My Earnings in the menu.

6. How Payment Will Be Received?

Check this page

7. What Are The Risk For Me To Invest My Time In This Initiative?

There is only WIN-WIN situation for both (you and this platform) because, you will have to invest your minimum time only once for one blog and you will receive revenue forever from each blog.

The more you write, the more you will get forever.

Register yourself here – https://www.togethercaringsharing.com/register/  and Start Writing your stories !!

But Before that, read our Guidelines for BlogSense DRS Program : Click here

If you still have any queries, then post questions in comment questions or write an email to TogetherCaringSharing@gmail.com