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Winning isn’t everything… but it beats anything in the second place!

Winning isn't everything , but wanting it is!

The “Powerhouse of Knowledge” , as he is. Ranji Raj has accomplished almost everything at an early age that most others could achieve in the further time of their life. He has showed his dedication, determination and justice rightfully towards whatever he has studied. An Engineering pass out from Mumbai University of 2016. He showed his excellence in the field of Information Technology. Unlike other students, Ranji Raj’s thinking and way of approach to study was explicit from his fellow friends. He is a person who perpetuated his studies and routine seemingly in a diverse manner than others. Let us study Ranji Raj.

Success wasn’t spoon fed to him. He did strenuous work throughout his life especially during his engineering to uplift his academic and career graph. He added the following,

“I decided to enroll myself for undergraduate program and soon within the first year of it I was punched down as a symbol of major failure. Even in my first interview for college campus placement I got successive rejections in search for a job due to the fact that I answered for everything they asked for.

After this serial bombardment with failures I lost narcissism. I thought over it why can’t I push myself from all the comfort zones and deliver the best in me.

It was that stage of life when I learnt to inject the principle of sacrifice in my body. I gave up sleeping for more than 8 hours which . I scheduled my activity and decided to start my day early despite it’s a holiday or weekend. Got into the habit of drinking and eating junks frequently, which no sooner I realized it had a fatalistic effect on my mind and body. It takes a minute, to form a bad habit but to set free from it might take sheer determination. I worked on this balanced equation with my body to set apart from me so that I get the proper essentials that my body needs as it is rightly said “You’re what you eat”.” He advises this message to all students of any age.

He failed in the very first attempt in his engineering first year. He put in lot of efforts to clear in the very next attempt. This turned out to be his turning point in life to do magic in his career. He adapted himself like never before, bought a slight attitude change in him and with sheer determination he tackled each of his years.


He felt that he could deliver even more with a slight different track in terms of an all-rounder. As an epitome of his personality, he was endorsed as the magnificent Student of Year 2016.
After his studies on a day he had a thought in his mind. Along with his daily life, he decided to contribute it to the welfare of the students.
Sir is not only a very aspiring student but also an undisputed teacher as he teaches engineering subjects on YouTube. He is a teacher to people from different parts of the world. One of the most popular subject that he likes is Artificial Intelligence for which he is known better among his circle.
He quotes, “The fear of public speaking was the biggest fear I faced.”
Gradually I understood the importance of it and as being a social animal I knew the cardinality of it under various spheres of life stages. “A person who always runs away from problems will always be chased till death”. I started to battle with this venom in me by erasing all off the negative facts and the things that squelched me. I started watching inspirational videos and self-recreational practices. And the YouTube videos of mine are the outcome of this as a practice to build a strong plinth for myself.”
He added, “If you take something from someone its your responsibility to give it back. And I give back in the form of knowledge by teaching”.
Just like any other passed out he decided to take up job in a firm to earn his livelihood without losing his passion in teaching. He continued his work with dedication and commitment . By the year 2018 he became the author by publishing 4 books under the Mumbai University.
In the month of April, he was felicitated by a community of Brazilian society as “Best Teacher” with an astonishing Bronze medal!He taught the fellow students, of Brazil who were deprived of electricity and had poor conditions.

Ask him about what inspires him and he replies ” I am inspired by myself. Works very hard to be an exemplar. At my home there is a wall which speaks about my accomplishments and accolades which is impervious to negativity. Some parts of it are vacant, motivating me to fill them with even more determination. I try to morph my inner attitude so that I can be the juggernaut in whatever I do.

I’m a person who is fond of listening to music. It portrays me into different characters of life and makes me feel how blessed I am “.

I can rightfully say that he “deserves” the respect . With this unwavering attitude and his fondness towards learning, he has accomplished a lot. He is all set to travel the boundaries of the world.

Ranji Raj looks to have set out his vision for his master’s program abroad. He aims to do some modifications to the education system in the near future. This young achiever leads by the tagline “Sleep with goals, live by success”. Let us wish him all the success for his future ventures. Thank you Ranji Raj.


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